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College Psychology Questions

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College Psychology
School-age children experience three levels of moral development. The punishment and obedience stage takes place at which level?
  1. communicative reasoning
  2. cognitive reasoning
  3. preconventional reasoning
  4. postadaptive reasoning
College Psychology
Which of the following research methods in psychology allows the experimenter to make inferences about cause and effect?
  1. Case Study method
  2. Naturalistic Observation
  3. Correlational Research
  4. Experimental Research Method
College Psychology
Characteristics of adolescents age 13 to 18 years include:
  1. resenting being spoken to as if still a child
  2. seeing the world from their own perspective only
  3. being scared and believing that what has happened is their own fault
  4. being distrustful and uncooperative
College Psychology
In the legal definition of insanity, the person must have a mental disease that                                                        .
  1. causes him or her to hear voices
  2. makes it impossible to tell right from wrong
  3. makes him or her too anxious to control their impulses
  4. resembls a schizophrenic process
College Psychology
Which of the following attributes was NOT included in the various criteria for normal behavior discussed in class
  1. efficient perception of reality
  2. acceptance by society
  3. reasonable control of impulses
  4. ability to be productive
  5. ability to have gratifying relationships
College Psychology
An explanation of behavior in terms of its ULTIMATE CAUSES involves explaining it in terms of:
  1. past experience
  2. evolutionary processes
  3. biology
  4. religious or philosophical principles
College Psychology
Properties of whole which cannot be found in the parts which make up that whole are called:
  1. emergent properties
  2. transcendent properties
  3. wholistic properties
  4. None of these answers is correct.Such properties do not really exist at all.
College Psychology
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