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College Vocational Education Questions

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College Business Technology
College Early Childhood Education
A teacher’s role includes                                    .
  1. communicating with parents
  2. observing and listening to children
  3. creating a safe environment
  4. creating curriculum
  5. All of these are correct.
College Early Childhood Education
A routine includes                                         .
  1. consistency of daily repeated activities
  2. a variety of choices
  3. coming to school
  4. new ideas for the children
College Early Childhood Education
Scaffolding is a term that is used in early childhood development. Which of the following is true about scaffolding?
  1. The term relates to Vygotsky’s notion of assisted performance
  2. Vygotsky believed that only adults should assist performance
  3. Adults should avoid scaffolding and let children solve problems on their own to increase their self-esteem
  4. The term was coined by a child playing in the block corner
College Early Childhood Education
What would be the most appropriate way to help preschool children develop fine motor skills?
  1. Have a specific time each day where all the children practice handwriting
  2. Have a designated time each day where all the children use a pencil to either draw or write
  3. Provide an abundance of fine motor activities and allow children to choose activities they wish to participate in
  4. Require each child to spend at least 30 minutes per day working on fine motor skills
College Business Technology
College Business Technology
What does a a GlucoWatch G2 Biographer monitor?
  1. blood sugar levels
  2. pulse rate
  3. blood oxygen levels
  4. the heart's electrical activity
College Business Technology
Computers in red-light systems perform all of the following functions EXCEPT                                                                                                    .
  1. adding a date, time, and location to the photo
  2. instructing a digital camera to take a picture of a violating car as it enters the intersection
  3. sending an electronic message to the violator
  4. instructing a digital camera to take a picture of a violating car in the middle of the intersection
College Business Technology
Database marketing allows companies to                                                                         .
  1. mine customer databases and create marketing lists
  2. track and manage every transaction
  3. maintain a real-time profile of the total count of products in the store
  4. budget, forecast, and analyze the financial health of the business
College Business Technology
A LoJack device is a wireless                            .
  1. microchip
  2. audio-frequency transceiver
  3. emergency alert system
  4. GPS
College Early Childhood Education
Which of the following would be the best example of a learning center as defined by the book?
  1. A folder containing a matching game
  2. A collection of fossils in a locked glass case
  3. An area containing a variety of different hands on activities
  4. All of the above
College Business Technology
What is name for the following equation?
[math]((Risk Exposure) – (Risk ExposureAfterControl))/CostOfControl[/math]
  1. Control cost benefit analysis
  2. Annual loss exposure
  3. Risk leverage
  4. Risk impact
  5. Risk exposure
  6. Totient function
  7. RSA Algorithm
  8. Quadratic formula
College Business Technology
Which of the following most accurately defines vulnerability
  1. A set of circumstances that has the potential to cause harm
  2. A weakness in the system that an entity exploit to cause harm
  3. Techniques for keeping data and resources hidden.
  4. Techniques for detecting unexpected behavior
  5. A measure of trustworthiness relying on the risk leverage
  6. Evidence of how much not to trust a system
  7. The technique of using first letter of each word in normal English text to conceal a secret message.
  8. Unauthorized control of some part of a system
College Business Technology
What style of risk analysis uses exact values for probabilities of a risk and values of assets?
  1. Qualitative risk analysis
  2. Coordinated risk analysis
  3. Cooperative risk analysis
  4. Quantitative risk analysis
  5. Query risk analysis
  6. Quota risk analysis
  7. Control risk analysis
  8. Covert risk analysis
College Business Technology
The Enigma cipher is an example of which of the following types of ciphers?
  1. Substitution
  2. Transposition
  3. Proposition
  4. Product
  5. Caeser
  6. Rail-Fence
  7. Columnar
  8. Book
College Early Childhood Education
Which of the following is NOT a brain function?
  1. memory
  2. processing
  3. conclusion
  4. retention
College Early Childhood Education
A program geared toward the safety of children will attend to                           .
  1. face masks
  2. latex gloves
  3. a daily screening check
  4. covered electrical outlets
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