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College Early Childhood Education Questions

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College Early Childhood Education
A teacher’s role includes                                    .
  1. communicating with parents
  2. observing and listening to children
  3. creating a safe environment
  4. creating curriculum
  5. All of these are correct.
College Early Childhood Education
A routine includes                                         .
  1. consistency of daily repeated activities
  2. a variety of choices
  3. coming to school
  4. new ideas for the children
College Early Childhood Education
What would be the most appropriate way to help preschool children develop fine motor skills?
  1. Have a specific time each day where all the children practice handwriting
  2. Have a designated time each day where all the children use a pencil to either draw or write
  3. Provide an abundance of fine motor activities and allow children to choose activities they wish to participate in
  4. Require each child to spend at least 30 minutes per day working on fine motor skills
College Early Childhood Education
Which of the following is not suggested as a way to promote self-esteem in young children?
  1. Give children opportunities to experience success
  2. Allow children to experience failure sometimes as a means of feedback
  3. Praise everything children do, even if you do not mean it
  4. Give children honest feedback
College Early Childhood Education
Scaffolding is a term that is used in early childhood development. Which of the following is true about scaffolding?
  1. The term relates to Vygotsky’s notion of assisted performance
  2. Vygotsky believed that only adults should assist performance
  3. Adults should avoid scaffolding and let children solve problems on their own to increase their self-esteem
  4. The term was coined by a child playing in the block corner
College Early Childhood Education
To be considered sociodramatic play, which of the following criteria must be present?
  1. The child role plays pretending to be another person, animal, or object.
  2. The child make-believes with actions and objects.
  3. The child coordinates roles and plots with at least one other person.
  4. All of the above
College Early Childhood Education
Which of the following would be the best example of a learning center as defined by the book?
  1. A folder containing a matching game
  2. A collection of fossils in a locked glass case
  3. An area containing a variety of different hands on activities
  4. All of the above
College Early Childhood Education
Which of the following is NOT a brain function?
  1. memory
  2. processing
  3. conclusion
  4. retention
College Early Childhood Education
A program geared toward the safety of children will attend to                           .
  1. face masks
  2. latex gloves
  3. a daily screening check
  4. covered electrical outlets
College Early Childhood Education
How can adults help children cope with anger?
  1. By downplaying the feeling
  2. By putting the child in time-out so he will learn not to have those feelings
  3. By helping the child redirect the energy and work through the feeling
  4. By refusing to label the feeling
College Early Childhood Education
Belinda is just beginning to introduce the children in her classroom to data analysis. She is planning to have them graph shoes. Which of the following activities would be the best beginning activity?
  1. Use pictures of the shoes and design a bar graph
  2. Use small plastic shoes on a bar graph
  3. Use the children’s actual shoes and a floor bar graph
  4. Use colored pieces of paper to represent each type of shoe and place them on a bar graph
College Early Childhood Education
When working with families from a strength-based perspective, what must an early childhood educator implement?
  1. Form a relationship with that family.
  2. Look for every family’s strengths and focus on those.
  3. Acknowledge the family’s strengths to its members.
  4. When you have problems finding strengths, focus on the areas of improvement for each member of the family.
College Early Childhood Education
Which of the following best describes discipline?
  1. It is the same as guidance
  2. It must be harsh to work
  3. t works all the time with every child if you find the right method
  4. It is to be avoided
College Early Childhood Education
A teacher’s prejudice                                         .
  1. is her own business
  2. does not influence her teaching
  3. can be hidden from children and families
  4. can be harmful to children and families
College Early Childhood Education
College Early Childhood Education
Inclusive curriculum is all but which one of the following?
  1. promotes inclusion of children with any and all disabilities
  2. does not include family influences on children’s behavior
  3. reflects an awareness of all areas of diversity
  4. means no one is left out
College Early Childhood Education
What does a resilient child do?
  1. Cries easily
  2. Handles situations appropriate for age level – solves problems
  3. Shows no signs of understanding what is happening
  4. Is not interdependent
College Early Childhood Education
Why did early childhood experts want to change the word discipline to guidance?
  1. It sounds better
  2. It reflects a more positive approach
  3. Children might like it better
  4. Educators always like change
College Early Childhood Education
Which of the following would be an example of cooperative play?
  1. A child plays with a basket of balls, occasionally rolling one of the balls to another child.
  2. Two children play in the dramatic play area - one is washing dishes, the other is playing with the dolls.
  3. Three children are swinging side by side.
  4. Two children are building a horse pen out of blocks.
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