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Graduate Sociology Questions

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Graduate Sociology
Which is a TRUE statement as applied to Chaos Theory?
  1. Orderly structures and immutable laws operate to maintain order.
  2. Our presence in the environment does not alter it.
  3. The universe operates predictably.
  4. Order is chaos in nature.
Graduate Sociology
The Family Adjustment and Adaptation Response Model (FAAR) by McCubbin & Patterson (1983)studies the interactions among three types of variables. What are they?
  1. Demand, Capabilities, Meanings
  2. Stressors, Resources, Crisis
  3. Perceptions, Meanings, Suicide
  4. Demand, Buffers, Stability
Graduate Sociology
"You can't unscramble an egg" best describes the theoretical construct of ____
  1. Objectivity.
  2. Irreversibility.
  3. Punctuated Equilibria.
  4. Unpredictability.
Graduate Sociology
Graduate Sociology
Which of the following is not a metaphor for the concept of "strange attractor?"
  1. A bowl of spaghetti
  2. The sound of an automobile engine
  3. The burst of fireworks in the night sky
  4. Smoke rising from a cigarette
Graduate Sociology
Which is NOT a key characteristic to chaos or chaotic systems?
  1. Initial differences result in errors that grow exponentially over time.
  2. The system is complex, appears random, and is unpredictabgle.
  3. The system is intrinsically orderly, stable, and equilibrial.
  4. The system is in an essential state for transformation.
Graduate Sociology
What is the greatest limitation to establishing a workable theory for family therapy?
  1. Obtaining enough large data sets
  2. Sampling large numbers of data from a single subject design
  3. Studying a single patient/therapist interaction
Graduate Sociology
Which is a FALSE statement concerning suicidal behavior?
  1. Suicidal behavior is always embedded in a pattern of interaction in the family set in motion by some threat to the system, either to force change or to force stability.
  2. Suicidal behavior can emerge as either a form of positive or negative feedback.
  3. Understanding the symbolic act characterized by suicidal behavior is an important part of the assessment and treatment planning.
  4. Suicidal behavior is a process or pattern that identifies a family trait of suicide.
Graduate Sociology
Chaos theory indicates that there are limits on predicting the length of treatment. Which is a FALSE statement?
  1. Chaos theory allows us to make better qualitative predictions, but less meaningful and accurate quantitative predictions.
  2. Chaos theory will free us from the mistaken belief that prediction is the same as understanding.
  3. Chaos theory will enable us to make perfect predictions from linear methods, providing the specific model we have developed is both accurate and appropriate to the phenomenon being studied.
  4. There exists complex chaotic systems whose behavior cannot be predicted even if we know all the initial conditions exactly.
Graduate Sociology
Two concepts that are closely related to Hanson's wholes approach to meaning are
  1. Symbolic Interactionalism; Constructivism
  2. Constructivism; Cause/Effect
  3. Symbolic Interactionism; Isolationism
Graduate Sociology
Which of the following is a FALSE statement?
  1. No two loops of an attractor are exact replicas.
  2. Attractor patterns are complex maps that capture the interplay between instability and change in systems.
  3. Strange attractors can be thought of as an idealized state toward which an unpredictable or dynamical system is attracted.
  4. Multiple levels of nonlinear processes unfold constantly and simultaneously even in the simplest of relationships
Graduate Sociology
Relationships can be conceived as existing in ______ instead of ______.
  1. Phrase Space/Phase Space
  2. Phase Space/Phrase Space
Graduate Sociology
Which is a FALSE statement concerning the influence of therapists from the chaos theory viewpoint?
  1. Therapists may not have enough immediate and predictable influence in the system to overcome other attractors.
  2. Therapies for families with chronic and long-standing problems may have to go on longer than some therapists wish.
  3. When families are "sick," they can be "cured" through radical intervention.
  4. Rapid therapy may cure the client, and yet it may make the rest of the system sicker.
Graduate Sociology
Graduate Sociology
Which descriptor does NOT fit with theories of family functioning in the future?
  1. Chaos theory suggests that we be very careful before we design soc ial policy for the family.
  2. If we want to strengthen the institution of the family, we must allow for maximal diversity in family types and patterns.
  3. Families are networks of systemic relationships, characterized by a high degree of emotional involvement.
  4. Family functioning relys on the concept of homeostasis and balance.
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