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Sociology Questions - All Grades

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Grade 11 Sociology
A society that developed permanent settlements, using hand tools, such as hoes & digging sticks to cultivate their lans
  1. Hunter/gatherer Society
  2. Horticultural Society
  3. Industrial Society
  4. Postindustrial Society
Grade 11 Sociology
Grade 11 Sociology
The recent invention of the microchip & other computer generated technologies has led to
  1. Second Social Revolution
  2. Third Social Revolution
  3. Fourth Social Revolution
  4. Fifth Social Revolution
Grade 12 Sociology
A shared consciousness that people experience as a result of performing the same or similar tasks
  1. Organic Solidarity
  2. Mechanical Solidarity
  3. Social Structure
  4. Teamwork
Grade 12 Sociology
Graduate Sociology
Which is a TRUE statement as applied to Chaos Theory?
  1. Orderly structures and immutable laws operate to maintain order.
  2. Our presence in the environment does not alter it.
  3. The universe operates predictably.
  4. Order is chaos in nature.
Grade 12 Sociology
The position that someone occupies in society or a social group
  1. Social Class
  2. Social Integration
  3. Status Symbol
  4. Status
Grade 12 Sociology
The behaviors, obligations, and privileges attached to a status
  1. Role
  2. Master Status
  3. Stereotype
  4. Sign-vehicles
Grade 12 Sociology
Assumptions about what people are like, whether true or false
  1. Status
  2. Stereotype
  3. Role Strain
  4. Status Inconsistency
Grade 12 Sociology
People who regularly and consciously interact with one another
  1. Group
  2. Social Class
  3. Social Institution
  4. Teamwork
Grade 11 Sociology
A society made up of groups of people who hunt and gather in order to survive
  1. Pastoral Society
  2. Hunter/ Gatherer Society
  3. Industrial Society
  4. Postindustrial Society
Graduate Sociology
The Family Adjustment and Adaptation Response Model (FAAR) by McCubbin & Patterson (1983)studies the interactions among three types of variables. What are they?
  1. Demand, Capabilities, Meanings
  2. Stressors, Resources, Crisis
  3. Perceptions, Meanings, Suicide
  4. Demand, Buffers, Stability
Grade 12 Sociology
Conflicts that someone feels within a role
  1. Role
  2. Role Conflict
  3. Role Performance
  4. Role Strain
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