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Health and Medicine Questions - All Grades

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The Health and Medicine questions below are in the following grade levels:
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Grade 9 :: Fitness by gatorzona
Grade 5 :: Microbiology by Ureesha
A microorganism is:
  1. a single celled organism that feeds on dead organisms.
  2. a one celled organisms with no nucleus.
  3. tiny plants and animals that float on the surface of the ocean.
  4. a living thing that can be seen only with a microscope.
Grade 9 :: Diet and Nutrition by ajayubben
Water has many important functions in the body including                              
  1. transport nutrients
  2. elimination of waste products
  3. luricating joints and tissues
  4. regulating body temperature
  5. all of the above
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
What is the protein coat called that covers the genetic material of a virus?
  1. a cell wall
  2. a cell membrane
  3. a capsid
  4. a dermal layer
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
Which of these is required for a bacteriophage to infect a bacterial cell?
  1. There needs to be a tolerable temperature in the environment.
  2. The bacterial cell needs to have the proper receptor proteins on its surface.
  3. The bacteriophage needs to have been created within the previous 24 hours.
  4. There needs to be adequate energy stored within the bacteriophage for it to inject its genetic material.
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
What kind of genetic material is found in different types of viruses?
  1. DNA only
  2. RNA only
  3. Both DNA and RNA
  4. Nucleosomes
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
What process do bacteria generally use for reproduction?
  1. meiosis
  2. mitosis
  3. binary fission
  4. conjugation
Grade 7 :: Microbiology by lesmlehman
Which of the following would have a prokaryotic cell?
  1. a monkey
  2. bacteria
  3. mosquito
  4. fern
  5. tree
Grade 7 :: Diet and Nutrition by Ershaw
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
What is a prion?
  1. A prion is a cure for an infectious disease.
  2. A prion is a protein that directly causes a disease.
  3. A prion is a piece of DNA that is used to create more viruses.
  4. A prion is a covering that surrounds the genetic material of a virus.
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
How does a Gram-positive bacterium differ from one that is Gram-negative?
  1. Gram-positive bacteria are much larger than those that are Gram-negative.
  2. Gram-positive bacteria are useful to humans, while Gram-negatives ones are pathogenic.
  3. Gram-positive bacteria have a thick cell wall, while Gram-negative bacteria lack a cell wall.
  4. Gram-positive bacteria have longer flagella than those that are Gram-negative.
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
What are the bacteria called that are not able to use oxygen to produce energy?
  1. chemoheterotrophs
  2. facultative anaerobes
  3. obligate aerobes
  4. aerotolerant anaerobes
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
Which type of bacteria are commonly found within the stomachs of cattle?
  1. extreme halophiles
  2. extreme acidophiles
  3. methanogens
  4. facultative aerobes
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
How is sexual reproduction possible in a bacterium?
  1. DNA is transferred from one organism to another.
  2. Each bacterium can split itself in half.
  3. Bacteria have reproductive organs similar to those of mammals.
  4. Egg cells from one bacterium are released into the air to be fertilized by sperm.
Grade 7 :: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments by musicartsmaniac
What happens when you have cystic fibrosis?
  1. produces thick mucus in lungs
  2. affects hemoglobin, lowering oxygen
  3. stop or slows down blood clotting
  4. creates another copy of chromosome 21
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