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Health and Medicine Questions - All Grades

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The Health and Medicine questions below are in the following grade levels:
Grades: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 College Continuing Education
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Grade 4 :: Fitness by zeldish
Exercise is good for?
  1. weight loss and overall health
  2. converting sugar into fat
  3. hair and nail growth
Grade 10 :: Fitness by galmd
Fitness walking, jogging, and running are physical activities that can improve:
  1. muscle endurance and flexibility
  2. cardiovascular fitness and flexibility
  3. cardiovascular fitness and body composition
  4. muscle strength and endurance
Grade 3 :: Diet and Nutrition by Ohiogal231
Grade 9 :: Diet and Nutrition by chrishuff01
Three influences on people's food choices are:
  1. Family
  2. Peers
  3. Cultural/Ethnic backgrounds
  4. Advertising
  5. All of the above
Grade 9 :: Fitness by gatorzona
Grade 10 :: Drugs and Alcohol by fredsmith
Which of the following are effects on the heart because of excessive consumption of Alcohol?
Choose ALL the correct answers.
  1. damage heart tissue
  2. increase the risk of a stroke
  3. make your heart turn purple
  4. Violence
Grade 3 :: Diet and Nutrition by Ohiogal231
Grade 5 :: Microbiology by Ureesha
A microorganism is:
  1. a single celled organism that feeds on dead organisms.
  2. a one celled organisms with no nucleus.
  3. tiny plants and animals that float on the surface of the ocean.
  4. a living thing that can be seen only with a microscope.
Grade 9 :: Diet and Nutrition by ajayubben
Water has many important functions in the body including                              
  1. transport nutrients
  2. elimination of waste products
  3. luricating joints and tissues
  4. regulating body temperature
  5. all of the above
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
What is the protein coat called that covers the genetic material of a virus?
  1. a cell wall
  2. a cell membrane
  3. a capsid
  4. a dermal layer
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
Which of these is required for a bacteriophage to infect a bacterial cell?
  1. There needs to be a tolerable temperature in the environment.
  2. The bacterial cell needs to have the proper receptor proteins on its surface.
  3. The bacteriophage needs to have been created within the previous 24 hours.
  4. There needs to be adequate energy stored within the bacteriophage for it to inject its genetic material.
Grade 10 :: Microbiology by sackjd
What kind of genetic material is found in different types of viruses?
  1. DNA only
  2. RNA only
  3. Both DNA and RNA
  4. Nucleosomes
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