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Health and Medicine Questions - All Grades

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Grade 8 Diet and Nutrition
Grade 7 Diet and Nutrition
From which food group should the largest number of servings in your diet come?
  1. fruits and vegetables
  2. protein
  3. milk, yogurt, and cheese
  4. bread, cereal, rice and pasta
Grade 9 Microbiology
What is a capsid made from?
  1. protein
  2. glucose
  3. peptidoglycan
  4. adnosine triphosphate
Grade 9 Microbiology
Grade 7 Diet and Nutrition
Grade 8 Fitness
Which of these statements describe the results of exercise?
  1. breathing rate decreases to increase oxygen flow to muscles
  2. breathing rate increases to increase oxygen flow to muscles
  3. breathing rate decreases to reduce oxygen flow to muscles
  4. breathing rate decreases to increase carbon dioxide flow to muscles
Grade 9 Fitness
Muscular endurance is the
  1. muscles' ability to work for a long time without tiring
  2. same as cardiorespiratory fitness
  3. amount of force a muscle can exert
  4. same as body strength
Grade 10 Fitness
Yoga requires the participant to
  1. breath deeply
  2. practice balance
  3. remain focused
  4. all of the above
Grade 9 Microbiology
What uses conjugation to share genetic material?
  1. viruses
  2. archeae
  3. starfish
  4. bacteria
Grade 9 Microbiology
Where can you find archeae?
  1. in extreme environments
  2. in your glass of water
  3. in your nose
  4. in the toilet
Grade 9 Microbiology
Where to bacteria live?
  1. In volcanoes
  2. in salty water
  3. almost anywhere
  4. anywhere
Grade 5 Microbiology
Which one of the following is true about beneficial bacteria?
  1. They are in your stomach to help digest food.
  2. They help produce cheese.
  3. They turn milk into yogurt.
  4. All of the above
Grade 6 Fitness
The ability to do activities for more than a few minutes is
  1. Flexibility
  2. Endurance
  3. Agility
  4. Body Composition
Grade 9 Microbiology
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