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Medical Terms Questions - All Grades

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The Medical Terms questions below are in the following grade levels:
Grades: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 College Continuing Education
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College :: Medical Terms by amiesmith
-al                pertaining to                
-ism                    condition/process                    
-globin          protein          
-ior                pertaining to                
-scope                                 instrument to visually examine                                 
-sis           state of           
-osis                     abnormal condition                     
-ia            condition            
-plasia                               development/formation/growth                               
-logist                             specialist in the study of                             
-logy           study of           
-opsy                                to view ( process of viewing)                                
-algia       pain       
-ectomy                               cutting out/removal/excision                               
-cyte       cell       
-itis               inflammation               
-emia                  blood condition                  
-ic                pertaining to                
-oma             tumor/mass             
-eal                pertaining to                
-ar                pertaining to                
-tomy                        cutting into/incision                        
-scopy                                process of visual examination                                
-cele         hernia         
-emesis           vomiting           
-genesis                    producing/forming                    
-lysis                                             breakdown/separation/destruction/loosening                                             
-megaly              enlargement              
-oid             resembling             
-ous                pertaining to                
-pathy                  disease/emotion                  
-penia             deficiency             
-phasia         speech         
-plasty                  surgical repair                  
-pnea            breathing            
-ptysis           spitting           
-rrhaphy         suture         
-rrhea                 flow/discharge                 
-rrhage                       excess flow of blood                       
-rrhagia                       excess flow of blood                       
-plegia            paralysis            
-sclerosis            hardening            
-spasm                                sudden contraction of muscles                                
-stasis                    stop/control/pace                    
-stenosis                       tightening/stricture                       
-stomy                               new opening(to form a mouth)                               
-thearpy            treatment            
-trophy                          nourishment/development                          
-uria                           urination/cond. of urine                           
Grade 9 :: Medical Terms by clperez
The study of disease and the disease processes
  1. physiology
  2. anatomy
  3. pathology
Grade 10 :: Medical Terms by lolaannnnn
Pathology is the study of..
  1. diseases
  2. functioning of organisms
  3. birds
  4. insects
Grade 9 :: Medical Terms by clperez
Continuing Education :: Medical Terms by juggo12
itis refers to
  1. pain
  2. burning
  3. discoloring
  4. inflammation
  5. infection
College :: Medical Terms by amiesmith
a     no     
an      not      
ab            away from            
ad         toward         
anti          against          
brady       slow       
con                with/together                
epi             above/upon             
trans                 across/through                 
intra         within         
mal      bad      
meta                beyond/change                
neo      new      
para                                along the side of/beside/near                                
per          through          
poly            many/much            
post               after/behind               
syn                with/together                
tachy       fast       
tri        three        
retro              back/behind              
aut       self       
sub              below/under              
dys                                 bad/painful/difficult/abnormal                                 
pro         before         
endo         within         
hypo                                below/less than normal/ under                                
exo              out/outside              
hyper                                     excessive/more than normal/to much                                     
peri              surrounding              
dia                   complete/through                   
re       back       
uni      one      
Continuing Education :: Medical Terms by spamito1987
The study of the reactions of a host when exposed to foreign substances.
  1. Serology
  2. Immunohematology
  3. Immunology
  4. Hematology
College :: Medical Terms by ktz1968
Tissue repair or                 Wound Healing                 occurs in two major ways: by                regeneration                and by            fibrosis           . Regeneration replaces destroyed tissue with the        same        cells where fibrosis involves repair by           fibrous           connective tissue. It depends on type of tissue damaged and severity.
Tissue injury starts a series of events - there are      3      main ones.
The               capillaries              become permeable or thin to allow                     clotting proteins                    into the injured area which build a        clot       that holds wound together and keeps it clean.
Then               granulation               tissue forms - composed largely of new               capillaries               that grow into the area from undamaged blood vessels. These new vessels are           fragile           and bleed easily and contain              phagocytes             that dispose of the blood clot.
Lastly the surface              epithelium              regenerates and goes across the granulation tissue just below scab; scab falls off and there is a new area which is the        scar       .
College :: Medical Terms by Webby18
This species of Strep is commonly associated with dental procedures.
  1. Group D Strep
  2. Strep Viridans
  3. Strep pyogenes
  4. S. epidermidis
Grade 10 :: Medical Terms by Caitlincan27
A drug that slows brain and body reactions, heart rate, and breathing:
  1. Stimulant
  2. Methamphetamine
  3. Depressant
  4. Caffeine
College :: Medical Terms by amiesmith
aden/o        gland        
angi/o       pain       
arthr/o        joint        
axill/o         armpit         
cardi/o        heart        
cephal/o       head       
bronch/o           bronchus           
cervic/o                                 neck ; cervix (neck of uterus)                                 
chondr/o            cartilage            
cholecyst/o              gallbladder                   
col/o                         colon(large intestine)                         
colon/o                         colon(large intestine)                         
Cost/o      rib      
crani/o        skull        
cry/o       cold       
cutane/o       skin       
cyst/o                  urinary bladder                  
cyt/o       cell       
dermat/o       skin       
derm/o       skin       
encephal/o        brain        
erythr/o      red      
esthesi/o                               feeling ( nervous sensation)                               
gastr/o          stomach          
glyc/o                 glucose ;sugar                 
gynec/o                female; woman                
hermat/o        blood        
hem/o        blood        
hepat/o        liver        
hydr/o        water        
hyster/o         uterus         
inguin/o        groin        
lapar/o          abdomen          
laryng/o                   larynx(voicebox)                   
later/o       side       
leuk/o        white        
lip/o              fat ; lipid              
mamm/o         breast         
mast/o         breast         
mening/o           meninges           
my/o         muscle         
myel/o                          spinal cord;bone marrow                          
myring/o          eardrum          
nephr/o         kidney         
neur/o        nerve        
onc/o        tumor        
oophor/o        ovary        
ophthalm/o      eye      
orch/i/o         testis         
or/o        mouth        
oste/o       bone       
ot/o      ear      
pancreat/o           pancreas           
path/o          disease          
phleb/o       vein       
pharyng/o                 throat;pharynx                 
phren/o                  diaphragm; mind                  
pleur/o                                                                                   pleura ( a delicate membrane surrounding each lung& divided into two layers)                                                                                   
pneumon/o           lung;air           
poster/o                           back( of body ) ; behind                           
proct/o         rectum         
psych/o       mind       
pulmon/o       lung       
Grade 9 :: Medical Terms by DDales
AIDS stands for
  1. Applied Immune Disability Symptoms.
  2. Acquired Immune Degeneration Symptoms.
  3. Applied Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
  4. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.
Grade 5 :: Medical Terms by Severud
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