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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Health and Medicine Questions

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Grade 7 :: Diet and Nutrition by Ershaw
Grade 7 :: Microbiology by CaryBloomquist
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an active virus?
  1. multiplies quickly
  2. has an outer coat made of proteins
  3. uses energy to grow
  4. destroys its host cell
Grade 7 :: Microbiology by CaryBloomquist
Conjugation is a form of
  1. respiration
  2. energy producer
  3. sexual reproduction
  4. asexual reproduction
Grade 7 :: Microbiology by lesmlehman
Which of the following would have a prokaryotic cell?
  1. a monkey
  2. bacteria
  3. mosquito
  4. fern
  5. tree
Grade 7 :: Microbiology by missyland

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Grade 7 :: Microbiology by CaryBloomquist
Grade 7 :: Fitness by Msstw
Frequency in F.I.T.T stands for?
  1. what you doing
  2. how often you do an exercise
  3. doing what you like
  4. the strength you use to do an exercise
Grade 7 :: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments by musicartsmaniac
What happens when you have cystic fibrosis?
  1. produces thick mucus in lungs
  2. affects hemoglobin, lowering oxygen
  3. stop or slows down blood clotting
  4. creates another copy of chromosome 21
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