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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Social Studies Questions

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Grade 7 :: Roman Empire by missyland
The Eastern Roman Empire came to be known as                     
  1. East Anglia
  2. the Middle East
  3. the Byzantine Empire
  4. the Ottoman Empire
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
What was the belief that the United States should expand westward called?
  1. manifest destiny
  2. certain future
  3. undeniable destiny
  4. American future
Grade 7 :: Geography by goodeparent
The prime meridian separates the                                             .
  1. Eastern and Western Hemispheres
  2. Northern and Southern Hemispheres
  3. The Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
  4. North and South Poles
Grade 7 :: Geography by Showard
The meridian at Greenwich, England, from which longitude is measured east and west.
  1. Map Projection
  2. artifact
  3. Meridian Mississippi
  4. Prime Meridian
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
After its victory in the Mexican-American War, the United States controlled
  1. all land to the south of the Texas Panhandle.
  2. all land to the west of the Rio Grande.
  3. all land to the east of the Rocky Mountains.
  4. all land from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans between Mexico and Canada.
Grade 7 :: Social Studies by Qalam
The term used when one country takes over part or all of another country is
  1. annexation.
  2. foreign policy.
  3. domestic policy.
  4. revolution.
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
The Black Bean episode was a direct result of
  1. Somervell's expedition
  2. the Mier expedition.
  3. the Battle of Salado Creek.
  4. the Archives War.
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
Mexico held that its border with Texas was the
  1. Rio Grande.
  2. Nueces River.
  3. Guadalupe River.
  4. Colorado River.
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
Which of the following was a term of the Compromise of 1850?
  1. All new lands in the west were denied popular sovereignty.
  2. Texas received $10 million in exchange for its claim on land in New Mexico.
  3. The U.S. government paid off all Texas's debts.
  4. All States were allowed only two political parties.
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
Juan Nepomuceno Cortina was known in Mexico as the
  1. Ruler of the Rio Grande.
  2. Robin Hood of the Rio Grande.
  3. Red Hand of the Rio Grande.
  4. Rescuer of the Rio Grande.
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
Which basic idea formed the foundation of the first state constitution?
  1. Texas should not have Mexican influence.
  2. A republic must be avoided.
  3. The people should control the government.
  4. Our constitution must be like Tennessee's.
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
Who served Texas as president, U.S. senator, and state governor?
  1. George T. Wood
  2. Hardin R. Runnels
  3. Sam Houston
  4. James Polk
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
What was the main reason some members of Congress opposed Texas' claims to land in New Mexico?
  1. Texas did not allow popular sovereignty.
  2. Congress did not want slavery to spread farther west.
  3. Texas would not agree to support women's rights.
  4. The United States needed taxes from New Mexico.
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
What was the strongest political party in the early days of Texas statehood?
  1. the Texas Party
  2. the Whig Party
  3. the Republican Party
  4. the Democratic Party
Grade 7 :: US History by Qalam
The term manumission means
  1. the freeing of slaves.
  2. manual labor.
  3. abolition.
  4. the expansion of slavery.
Grade 7 :: Formation of the USA by Qalam
Henri Castro brought immigrants to Texas from what region in Europe?
  1. Germany
  2. Alsace
  3. Ireland
  4. Poland
Grade 7 :: US History by Qalam
What did the empresarios receive in payment for their services?
  1. a percentage of the purchase price
  2. grants of some of the best sections of land
  3. an annual salary from the Texas state government
  4. a specified fee paid by the local township
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