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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Social Studies Questions

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Grade 7 :: Geography by Showard
Grade 7 :: African Geography by gispan
The Sahara Desert is:
  1. in Northern Africa.
  2. in Southern Africa.
  3. in Eastern Africa
  4. in Western Africa
Grade 7 :: US Government by billycamps
The branch of government that interprets laws is the
  1. legislative
  2. judicial
  3. executive
  4. political
Grade 7 :: Islam by mack81
What is a group of people called when they believe in one God?
  1. Monothesim
  2. Theocracy
  3. Polythesim
  4. Muslium
Grade 7 :: World Religions by mack81
What is a group of people who believe in more than one God?
  1. Monotheism
  2. Polytheism
  3. Theocracy
  4. Mecca
Grade 7 :: Islam by Daniel132
This is the Islamic place of worship (temple).
  1. Church
  2. Cathedral
  3. Mosque
  4. Holy Site
Grade 7 :: American Revolution by amandaesmith5
As a result of the Boston Tea Party,
  1. Massachusetts was given a charter.
  2. the colonial legislatures passed the Intolerable Acts.
  3. Parliament passed the Coercive Acts.
  4. Britain repealed the Quartering Act.
Grade 7 :: African Geography by jonsnyder
Sub-Saharan Africa refers to the part of Africa that lies
  1. In the middle of the Sahara.
  2. North of the Sahara.
  3. Around the Sahara.
  4. South of the Sahara.
Grade 7 :: American Revolution by amandaesmith5
Who defended the British soldiers after the Boston Massacre?
  1. John Adams
  2. Samuel Adams
  3. Thomas Preston
  4. George Washington
Grade 7 :: Economics by SLiscombe
This occurs when resources in a given society are distributed unevenly.
  1. monarchy
  2. bureaucracy
  3. slavery
  4. social inequality
Grade 7 :: Themes of Geography by gispan
Which of the following, is an example of Absolute Location?
  1. 40*N, 90* E
  2. 167 Fairway Drive, Helena, MT 59601
  3. The distance from The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, to the Pepsi Center
  4. The Statue of Liberty is in New York Harbor,across from the Island of Manhattan.
Grade 7 :: World Religions by JenP123
Which of these religions is monotheistic?
  1. Christianity
  2. Judasim
  3. Islam
  4. All of the above
Grade 7 :: American Revolution by Andrewteachhistory
Grade 7 :: Current Events by Mr_D134
What is Europe's fastest growing religion?
  1. Islam
  2. Judaism
  3. Christianity
  4. Hinduism
Grade 7 :: Themes of Geography by billycamps
The best description of the theme of interaction is
  1. the human and physical characteristics of an area.
  2. how humans adapt to and modify the environment.
  3. migration across the planet.
  4. a definite reference to locate a place.
  5. divides the world into manageable units for geographic study.
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