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Third Grade (Grade 3) Social Studies Questions

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Grade 3 :: Geography by Tlahooti
What is geography?
  1. a person that studies the earth
  2. the study of Earth's physical features, such as mountains, deserts, rivers, and oceans.
  3. is how long it takes to travel from one place to another
Grade 3 :: Economics by mezic
What is another word for a person who works to produce goods or provides services?
  1. human resource
  2. natural resource
  3. consumer
  4. capital resource
Grade 3 :: Economics by mezic
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
What is an example of "consent of the governed?"
  1. All children must go to school.
  2. Voting for a person to be a leader in the community.
  3. All citizens must pay taxes.
  4. Being a good citizen.
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
How do local government officials get their jobs?
  1. They are picked through an election.
  2. They have to pass a test.
  3. They have to be trained.
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What is an economy?
  1. people, places, or things
  2. the way an area uses and produces natural resources, goods, and services to meet its needs
  3. a business that has a lot of people working for it
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What is an entrepreneur?
  1. a factory
  2. a person who starts and runs his or her own business
  3. a book about history
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What is a manufacturer?
  1. wants and needs
  2. a place to recycle paper
  3. a business that uses machinery to make products
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
The leader of the city council is called the:
  1. judge
  2. teacher
  3. police chief
  4. mayor
  5. congressman
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
Which operations and services NOT are usually run by local government?
  1. police and fire department
  2. electricity
  3. buses and subways
  4. trash collecting
  5. cutting the grass at your house
Grade 3 :: American Revolution by Nikkikweli
What does the stripes on the United States flag represent
  1. 13 colonies
  2. 13th president
  3. 13 states
  4. 13 house of representatives
Grade 3 :: Geography by saradc
What might happen if a city becomes too crowded?
  1. Everyone would become farmers.
  2. Most people would move into houseboats.
  3. It would be easy to find an apartment
  4. Some people might move to the suburbs.
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What is interdependence?
  1. freedom from laws
  2. relying on one another to meet needs and wants
  3. giving help to others
Grade 3 :: The Presidents by Tiffnic
The first president of the United States is also on a one dollar bill. Who is this?
  1. Abraham Lincoln
  2. George Washington
  3. Thomas Jefferson
  4. Bill Clinton
Grade 3 :: States by GraceT
Citizens have many rights, freedoms, and                 .
  1. responsibilities
  2. relatives
  3. refreshments
  4. relaxation
Grade 3 :: US Government by Tlahooti
What is a citizen?
  1. a person that is in a new country
  2. a person who is born in a country or who has earned the right to become a member of that country by law
  3. a person that travels very far
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