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Third Grade (Grade 3) Social Studies Questions

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Grade 3 Legislative Branch
What is the job of the legislative branch?
  1. this branch can get rid of or veto laws
  2. this branch carries out the laws
  3. this branch makes the nation's laws
  4. this branch decides what laws mean and if they obey the constitution
Grade 3 Executive Branch
What is the job of the executive branch?
  1. this branch can approve of or veto laws and makes sure the laws are carried out
  2. this branch makes sure the laws agree with the constitution
  3. this branch makes the laws
Grade 3 Legislative Branch
What are the two parts of the of legislative branch (or congress)? (choose two)
  1. The House of Representatives
  2. Judges
  3. Sheriffs
  4. The Senate
Grade 3 Judicial Branch
The                   branch explains what the laws mean.
  1. Legislative Branch
  2. Executive Branch
  3. Judicial Branch
Grade 3 US Government
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Who is the leader of the United States executive branch?
  1. Barrack Obama
  2. Ted Strickland
  3. Lowell Anderson
Grade 3 Map Components
Grade 3 United States (Local)
What are the three parts(branches)to the STATE GOVERNMENT?
  1. Lawmakers
  2. Legislative
  3. A Governor
  4. Judges
Grade 3 Executive Branch
Grade 3 Geography
The state of Florida is what kind of landform?
  1. Mountain range
  2. Peninsula
  3. Hill
  4. Island
Grade 3 The Presidents
Grade 3 Economics
Which is an example of bartering?
  1. buying a football at Walmart
  2. getting a coke for $1
  3. trading a bouncy ball for a pencil
  4. giving your friend 2 quarters for a candy bar
Grade 3 Map Components
Grade 3 Legislative Branch
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