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Third Grade (Grade 3) Social Studies Questions

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Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
The leader of the city council is called the:
  1. judge
  2. teacher
  3. police chief
  4. mayor
  5. congressman
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
How do local government officials get their jobs?
  1. They are picked through an election.
  2. They have to pass a test.
  3. They have to be trained.
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
Which operations and services NOT are usually run by local government?
  1. police and fire department
  2. electricity
  3. buses and subways
  4. trash collecting
  5. cutting the grass at your house
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What is an economy?
  1. people, places, or things
  2. the way an area uses and produces natural resources, goods, and services to meet its needs
  3. a business that has a lot of people working for it
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What is an entrepreneur?
  1. a factory
  2. a person who starts and runs his or her own business
  3. a book about history
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What is a manufacturer?
  1. wants and needs
  2. a place to recycle paper
  3. a business that uses machinery to make products
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What is interdependence?
  1. freedom from laws
  2. relying on one another to meet needs and wants
  3. giving help to others
Grade 3 :: US Government by Tlahooti
What is a citizen?
  1. a person that is in a new country
  2. a person who is born in a country or who has earned the right to become a member of that country by law
  3. a person that travels very far
Grade 3 :: Economics by Tlahooti
What are capital resources?
  1. water, land, sun
  2. where the president lives
  3. the machines needed to produce something
Grade 3 :: States by GraceT
Citizens have many rights, freedoms, and                 .
  1. responsibilities
  2. relatives
  3. refreshments
  4. relaxation
Grade 3 :: American Revolution by Carlin
From what country did the colonists want independence?
  1. Philadelphia
  2. America
  3. Britain
  4. Pennsylvania
Grade 3 :: European Geography by MrsCLomax
Europe is located in which two hemispheres?
  1. South and Western
  2. North and Eastern
  3. South and Eastern
  4. North and Western
Grade 3 :: Bodies of Water and Continents by Liananatalie
What bodies of water cover more than half the Earth?
  1. ponds
  2. ocean
  3. lakes
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
Examples of responsibilities of citizens include:
  1. obey the law
  2. pay taxes
  3. respect rights of others
  4. help make the community a better place
  5. vote to elect the leaders
  6. all of the above
Grade 3 :: US Government by KDuck
The branch of government that decides if laws are fair.
  1. Legislative
  2. Executive
  3. Judicial
Grade 3 :: US Government by KDuck
This branch of government sees that laws are obeyed
  1. Executive
  2. Judicial
  3. Legislative
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