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Third Grade (Grade 3) English Language Arts Questions

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Grade 3 :: Nouns by kogarner
What is a noun?
  1. A person, place, thing, or an idea
  2. A word that shows action
  3. A word that describes a person, place, thing, or idea
Grade 3 :: Nouns by stushoo
Look at the girl. That                 is pretty
  1. girl's hair
  2. girls' hair
  3. girl hair
Grade 3 :: Nouns by Jerrimetter
Which possessive noun is correct?
  1. mans'
  2. mens'
  3. babys
  4. children's
Grade 3 :: Main Idea by Jille
The main idea of a story tells us                               .
  1. who is the main character.
  2. what the story is mainly about.
  3. the details of the story.
  4. Nothing
Grade 3 :: Nouns by kogarner
All proper nouns should be capitalized.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 :: Nouns by teacher7878
Which word is a noun?
  1. Fast
  2. Bird
  3. Slow
  4. Sloppy
Grade 3 :: Parts of Speech by johlawrence
What part of speech is the word "they"?
  1. pronoun
  2. noun
  3. verb
  4. adjective
Grade 3 :: Capitalization and Punctuation by Jerrimetter
Which word in the sentence needs an apostrophe?

The artists design of the car was very detailed.
  1. car
  2. artists
  3. design
  4. detailed
Grade 3 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by hjpaquin
Knowing the meaning of the prefix un- helps the reader know that unclean means:
  1. to clean before
  2. to clean again
  3. not clean
  4. in a clean way
Grade 3 :: Prefixes and Suffixes by hjpaquin
Knowing the meaning of the prefix pre- helps you know that prepay means:
  1. to pay again
  2. to pay before
  3. to pay now
  4. not pay
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