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Third Grade (Grade 3) English Language Arts Questions

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Grade 3 :: Subject-Verb Agreement by Mallie
Grade 3 :: Pronouns by Mallie
Grade 3 :: Adverbs by MissLily
Which of the following sentence contains an adverb that tells "where"?
  1. Sandy skated gracefully.
  2. Tyler visited the museum yesterday.
  3. We must speak softly when the baby is sleeping.
  4. The bear watched her cubs play nearby.
Grade 3 :: Adverbs by MissLily
Which of the following adverbs tell when?
  1. softly
  2. yesterday
  3. excitedly
  4. near
Grade 3 :: Nouns by lpudil
Grade 3 :: Sentence Structure by Mallie
Which one is a correct sentence?
  1. Good to eat.
  2. We made cookies.
  3. Wagging its tail.
Grade 3 :: Spelling by Mallie
Which word is spelled correctly?
  1. grein
  2. gren
  3. green
  4. grn
Grade 3 :: Capitalization and Punctuation by Mallie
Which word should be capitalized?
  1. arizona
  2. aunt
  3. cousin
Grade 3 :: Sequence of Events by spilon1031
What comes next?

I put my dog on a leash.
I walked my dog down the street.
My dog saw a squirrel.
  1. My dog started to sing
  2. It started to rain
  3. My dog barked at the squirrel
  4. My dog ate a bone
Grade 3 :: Adjectives by Mallie
Which word is an adjective?
  1. run
  2. color
  3. beautiful
  4. boy
Grade 3 :: Adjectives by Mallie
Which sentence has an adjective?
  1. The girl ran into the lake.
  2. Sally and Billy walked the dog.
  3. Who put the canoe on the car?
  4. The boys rode horses through the tall grass.
Grade 3 :: Nouns by Epiphany1989
Which word is a common noun?
  1. McDonald's
  2. Dunbar Elementary
  3. school
  4. Kelly
Grade 3 :: Nouns by Epiphany1989
What is the correct plural form for tooth?
  1. tooths
  2. toothies
  3. teeth
  4. teeths
Grade 3 :: Types of Sentences by Ms_Jess
Which one of these sentences is an exclamatory sentence?
  1. Joe is a good student.
  2. What time is it in China?
  3. I'm lost!
  4. Keep your voice down.
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