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Third Grade (Grade 3) Science Questions

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Grade 3 :: Properties of Matter by lrajput
Grade 3 :: Light and Optics by Heidil123
Grade 3 :: Atmosphere by reebus
If water vapor loses thermal energy, which process will occur?
  1. condensation
  2. evaporation
  3. freezing
  4. melting
Grade 3 :: Botany by lorenkayla
Grade 3 :: Ecology by LBeth
Grade 3 :: Ecology by LBeth
Grade 3 :: Properties of Matter by Lauragmtz
Grade 3 :: Properties of Matter by Linda47
The point at which a liquid becomes a solid is called
  1. the freezing point
  2. the melting point
  3. the boiling point
  4. the condensation point
Grade 3 :: Sun by bomjr81
Grade 3 :: Lab Practices and Tools by LeahStewart
What tool can be used to measure how hot or cold something is?
  1. your finger
  2. thermometer
  3. ruler
  4. test tube
Grade 3 :: Lab Practices and Tools by rwinpigler
You are doing a science experiment and spill chemicals on the table. You                                      
  1. clean it up immediately.
  2. ask your friend to clean it up.
  3. tell the teacher immediately.
  4. tell the teacher at the end of class.
Grade 3 :: Atmosphere by Natalie12345
What is precipitation?
  1. A collection of tiny water drops seen in the air.
  2. Water that falls to the ground from the atmosphere.
  3. Layers of gases and dust that surrounds the Earth.
  4. The measurement of how hot or how cold something is.
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