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Third Grade (Grade 3) Science Questions

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Grade 3 :: Lab Practices and Tools by LeahStewart
What tool can be used to measure how hot or cold something is?
  1. your finger
  2. thermometer
  3. ruler
  4. test tube
Grade 3 :: Earth's Layers by LBeth
Grade 3 :: Sun by donnaells
What is the sun?
  1. A white hole
  2. A plant
  3. A star
Grade 3 :: Historical Geology by Orozzi
Grade 3 :: Scientific Methods and Applications by nikole_lynn
Anything that people make to solve a problem is...
  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. Math
  4. Problem Solving
Grade 3 :: Ecology by rwinpigler
Which is not a land biome?
  1. Tundra
  2. Savanna
  3. Rain forest
  4. Ocean
Grade 3 :: Scientific Methods and Applications by AMBDILLEV
Grade 3 :: Atmosphere by Natalie12345
The anemometer and weather vane are weather tools used to measure wind
  1. Speed and temperature
  2. Direction and pressure
  3. Pressure and Temperature
  4. Direction and Speed
Grade 3 :: Atmosphere by Natalie12345
A rain gauge is a tool that measures the
  1. Temperature of rainfall.
  2. Amount of rainfall.
  3. Speed of rainfall.
  4. Time of rainfall.
Grade 3 :: Atmosphere by Natalie12345
What is precipitation?
  1. A collection of tiny water drops seen in the air.
  2. Water that falls to the ground from the atmosphere.
  3. Layers of gases and dust that surrounds the Earth.
  4. The measurement of how hot or how cold something is.
Grade 3 :: Atmosphere by Natalie12345
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