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Third Grade (Grade 3) Biology Questions

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Grade 3 :: Ecology by Vonnyusa
Which animals can be found in swamps?
  1. Crabs, mussels, muskrats, egrets
  2. Turtles, whales, lobsters, shrimp
  3. Loggerhead Turtles, pelicans, crabs
  4. Frogs, cranes, alligators, turtles
Grade 3 :: Ecology by Coradine
Grade 3 :: Zoology by Vvallee
A butterfly goes through which kind of change?
  1. life cycle
  2. incomplete metamorphosis
  3. complete metamorphosis
  4. chrysalis
Grade 3 :: Ecology by Coradine
A forest where all the trees drop their leaves during the winter is called a:
  1. savanna
  2. tropical rain forest
  3. coniferous forest
  4. deciduous forest
Grade 3 :: Zoology by amandamucci
What is an animal's baby called?
  1. adult
  2. offspring
  3. inherit
  4. duckling
Grade 3 :: Ecology by jokeesha
Grade 3 :: Microbiology by Severud
Grade 3 :: Taxonomy by samirahusic
What do sea jellies, earthworms, and spiders have in common?
  1. They all have 8 legs
  2. They all have stinging body parts
  3. They are all animals with backbones
  4. They are all animals without backbones
Grade 3 :: Zoology by bethstallings83
penguins use this for balance when on land
  1. tail
  2. webbed feet
  3. large lungs for holding its breath
  4. torpedo shaped body
Grade 3 :: Botany by crmom2004
What are the main functions of roots?
  1. absorb water and hold the plant in the ground
  2. attract insects and bees
  3. make food
  4. support the leaf
Grade 3 :: Botany by crmom2004
Grade 3 :: Zoology by LBeth
allows penguins to see well both and land and under water
  1. color of eyes
  2. distance between eyes
  3. position of eyes on head
  4. ability to change shape of eye lens
Grade 3 :: Botany by crmom2004
Grade 3 :: Botany by cottageowner
Poison is an adaptation that                                   
  1. makes animals sick or itchy.
  2. pollinates the plant.
  3. attracts pollinators to the plant.
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