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Third Grade (Grade 3) Earth Science Questions

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Grade 3 :: Oceanography and Hydrology by Taubah
Which is not an ocean?
  1. Indian
  2. Pacific
  3. Superior
  4. Atlantic
Grade 3 :: Oceanography and Hydrology by dunkin65
Grade 3 :: Historical Geology by Meika
Grade 3 :: Geomorphology by floyds1
A volcano is
  1. a lowland area between higher areas such as mountains
  2. a place on earth's surface where the land is much higher than the surrounding land
  3. an opening in the earth's surface from which lava flows
  4. a deep valley with every steep sides
Grade 3 :: Atmosphere by reebus
If water vapor loses thermal energy, which process will occur?
  1. condensation
  2. evaporation
  3. freezing
  4. melting
Grade 3 :: Historical Geology by Meika
A               is a copy of a mold's shape.
  1. Imprint fossil
  2. Cast Fossil
  3. Mold fossil
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