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Third Grade (Grade 3) Geology Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 3 Geology questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 3 Rocks
Soil is
  1. dirt and rocks
  2. a mixture of tiny rock particles, minerals, and decayed plant and animal materials.
  3. ground
Grade 3 Rocks
What kind of soil is most likely found in the desert?
  1. dark, damp soil
  2. dry, sandy soil
  3. sticky, red soil
  4. think, muddy soil
Grade 3 Geomorphology
Gravity can pull rocks and soil rapidly down a hill slide causing a(n)
  1. tsunami
  2. earthquake
  3. landslide
  4. volcano
Grade 3 Rocks
Which is the top layer of soil?
  1. topsoil
  2. subsoil
  3. bedrock
  4. humus
Grade 3 Geomorphology
What is the red hot liquid that flows on the outside of a volcano?
  1. lava
  2. plasma
  3. magma
Grade 3 Historical Geology
Which is one thing scientists learn from fossils?
  1. how rocks form
  2. what sediments are
  3. what animals are like today
  4. about once-living things that no longer exist
Grade 3 Rocks
Which of these layers of soil has the most humus?
  1. topsoil
  2. subsoil
  3. bedrock
  4. clay
Grade 3 Minerals
A rock-like form that is created when a substance changes into a solid is called:
  1. sediment
  2. crystal
  3. pea gravel
Grade 3 Rocks
Soil is formed when                 are broken down by weather, water and living things over long periods of time.
  1. trees
  2. rocks
  3. insects
  4. animals
Grade 3 Geomorphology
What damage can be caused by an earthquake?
  1. Cracks in the road
  2. Tornado
  3. Flooding
Grade 3 Rocks
What is the name of the loose material that covers most of Earth's surface?
  1. soil
  2. lava
  3. rocks
  4. sheets
Grade 3 Historical Geology
Fossils can be formed when a dead animal is covered with plants and other materials.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 Earth's Layers
Melted rock that flows onto land is called        lava       .
Grade 3 Tectonics
An                is a sudden movement of the rocks that make up Earth's crust.
  1. landslide
  2. tsunami
  3. earthquake
  4. flood
Grade 3 Earth's Layers
What does the image below show?
Layers Of The Earth
  1. layers of the sun
  2. layers of the earth
  3. layers of the moon
  4. layers of the atmosphere
Grade 3 Historical Geology
The skin of an animal, or soft parts of a plant, are more likely to become fossils while the bones and hard parts eventually break down.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 3 Rocks
                has small grains and holds very little water.
  1. Sand
  2. Clay
  3. Rocks
Grade 3 Earth's Layers
A           volcano          is a mountain that builds up around an opening in Earth's crust.
Grade 3 Rocks
                has the smallest grains and holds a lot of water.
  1. Salt
  2. Sand
  3. Clay
Grade 3 Geomorphology
A steeply raised mass of land that forms a peak at the top, and is much higher than the land around it.
  1. lake
  2. canyon
  3. plateau
  4. mountain
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