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Third Grade (Grade 3) Physics Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 3 Physics questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 3 Forces and Motion
When something changes position, it is in
  1. motion
  2. friction
  3. gravity
  4. acceleration
  5. force
Grade 3 Matter
The states of matter are
  1. anything that has gravity
  2. solids, liquids, and gas
  3. facts or information
Grade 3 Forces and Motion
A force is
  1. a very loud noise
  2. a push or pull upon an object
Grade 3 Waves and Sound
Sound energy
  1. is made of many colors
  2. refracts when it is near water
  3. is the energy produced by vibrating sound waves
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
A magnet is something that
  1. floats in water
  2. can carry paperclips
  3. points to the north pole
  4. attracts and repels metals
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
Most magnets are made of
  1. Iron or paper
  2. Paper or steel
  3. Iron or steel
  4. Steel or rock
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 3 Simple Machines
A slide is an example of a(n)
  1. wedge
  2. inclined plane
Grade 3 Heat Transfer
Heating is when
  1. a temperature measures how hot something is
  2. a temperature changes
  3. energy changes the temperature of something
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
The movement of electric charges is?
  1. sound energy
  2. open circuit
  3. light energy
  4. electric energy
Grade 3 Forces and Motion
What pulls things down to the ground?
  1. environment
  2. gravity
  3. matter
Grade 3 Matter
When you freeze water, what temperature is it in Celsius?
  1. 1 degree
  2. 5 degrees
  3. 100 degrees
  4. 0 degrees
Grade 3 Magnetism and Electricity
All magnets have a
  1. north and west pole
  2. north and south pole
  3. south and west pole
  4. south and east pole
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