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Third Grade (Grade 3) Matter Questions

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Grade 3 Matter
The states of matter are
  1. anything that has gravity
  2. solids, liquids, and gas
  3. facts or information
Grade 3 Matter
When you freeze water, what temperature is it in Celsius?
  1. 1 degree
  2. 5 degrees
  3. 100 degrees
  4. 0 degrees
Grade 3 Matter
When you boil water, what temperature is it in Celsius?
  1. 50 degrees
  2. 0 degrees
  3. 100 degrees
  4. 1000 degrees
Grade 3 Matter
Which one is not a state of matter?
  1. solid
  2. gas
  3. liquid
  4. heavy
Grade 3 Matter
Grade 3 Matter
When an ice cube melts, it changes from
  1. a solid to a liquid.
  2. a liquid to a gas.
  3. a solid to a gas.
  4. a gas to a solid.
Grade 3 Matter
How are liquids and solids different?
  1. A liquid doesn't change shape, but solids do.
  2. Solids don't have volume, but liquids do.
  3. A liquid takes the shape of its container. Solids don't change shape.
  4. Solids fill the space they are put in. Liquids only take the shape of the container they are put in.
Grade 3 Matter
Grade 3 Matter
When liquids are heated, this occurs:
  1. temperature
  2. evaporation
  3. particle
  4. melting
Grade 3 Matter
What causes changes in the state of matter?
  1. Physical properties
  2. Chemical energy
  3. Temperature
Grade 3 Matter
Which would cause liquid water to change to a solid?
  1. warming
  2. heating
  3. freezing
  4. dripping
Grade 3 Matter
Shauna placed a cup of water in a warm place. One week later, no water was left in the cup. What probably happened?
  1. The liquid water changed to a gas.
  2. The liquid water changed to a solid.
  3. The water leaked out of the cup.
  4. The water spilled from the cup.
Grade 3 Matter
Evaporation is when                         .
  1. a liquid becomes a gas
  2. a liquid becomes a solid
  3. gas becomes a liquid
  4. a solid becomes a liquid
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