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Third Grade (Grade 3) Questions - All Subjects

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Grade 3 :: Forces and Motion by scjames90
A force that occurs when on object rubs against another object.
  1. thermometer
  2. conduction
  3. friction
  4. radiation
Grade 3 :: Simple Machines by Jacksonsmom
Grade 3 :: Biotic and Abiotic by jtrago
What does biotic mean?
  1. Living
  2. Non-living
Grade 3 :: Magnetism and Electricity by PatriciaW12
What is a circuit with no gaps or breaks in it?
  1. open circuit
  2. mechanical energy
  3. sound energy
  4. closed circuit
Grade 3 :: Heat Transfer by scjames90
Grade 3 :: Simple Machines by tdowns
Which simple machine turns a Ferris wheel?
  1. pulley
  2. wedge
  3. inclined plane
  4. wheel and axle
Grade 3 :: Food Chains and Webs by ChristyAlisa
Herbivore is animal that
  1. only eats fruit
  2. only eats meats
  3. only eats plants
  4. eats both plants and meats
Grade 3 :: Food Chains and Webs by ChristyAlisa
Carnivore is
  1. an animal that eats meat
  2. an animal that eats plants
  3. an animal that eats fruit and meat
  4. an animal that eats everything
Grade 3 :: Main Idea by szeiger

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What is the purpose of the first paragraph of this passage?
  1. To explain why groundhogs are used
  2. To show that Punxsutawney Phil is one of many groundhogs
  3. To describe why Groundhog Day became famous
  4. To introduce readers to another famous groundhog
Grade 3 :: Planetary Motion by pcerchio
Grade 3 :: Subject-Verb Agreement by Mallie
Grade 3 :: Properties of Matter by 1Calandra
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