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Third Grade (Grade 3) Questions - All Subjects

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Grade 3 :: Phases of Matter by misslahl
Which is these is NOT a state of matter?
  1. liquid
  2. gas
  3. smoke
  4. solid
Grade 3 :: Nouns by kogarner
What is a noun?
  1. A person, place, thing, or an idea
  2. A word that shows action
  3. A word that describes a person, place, thing, or idea
Grade 3 :: Forces and Motion by KristaLynn
Gravity and friction are examples of                 .
  1. motions.
  2. simple machines.
  3. forces.
  4. distances.
Grade 3 :: Environmental Science by jdfleck87
Which of the below are examples of fossil fuels?
  1. Soil, rocks, and sand
  2. Coal, oil, and natural gas
  3. Plants, trees, and animals
Grade 3 :: Nouns by stushoo
Look at the girl. That                 is pretty
  1. girl's hair
  2. girls' hair
  3. girl hair
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
The leader of the city council is called the:
  1. judge
  2. teacher
  3. police chief
  4. mayor
  5. congressman
Grade 3 :: Environmental Science by jdfleck87
                       are living and nonliving things found on Earth that people need.
  1. Fossil Fuels
  2. Renewable Resources
  3. Nonrenewable Resources
  4. Natural Resources
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
How do local government officials get their jobs?
  1. They are picked through an election.
  2. They have to pass a test.
  3. They have to be trained.
Grade 3 :: Nouns by Jerrimetter
Which possessive noun is correct?
  1. mans'
  2. mens'
  3. babys
  4. children's
Grade 3 :: Main Idea by Jille
The main idea of a story tells us                               .
  1. who is the main character.
  2. what the story is mainly about.
  3. the details of the story.
  4. Nothing
Grade 3 :: US Government by GraceT
Which operations and services NOT are usually run by local government?
  1. police and fire department
  2. electricity
  3. buses and subways
  4. trash collecting
  5. cutting the grass at your house
Grade 3 :: Nouns by kogarner
All proper nouns should be capitalized.
  1. True
  2. False
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