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Literature Questions - All Grades

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The Literature questions below are in the following grade levels: Pre-K Kindergarten
Grades: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 College Graduate Continuing Education
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Grade 8 :: The Ransom of Red Chief by awilson99
What is the best description of Johnny Dorset?
  1. He is a freckle-faced boy with red hair who enjoys being outside and playing make believe games
  2. He is one of the kidnappers in the story
  3. He is a kind-hearted young man who goes around his neighborhood doing good deeds, such as mowing lawns and washing windows
  4. He is the father of the kidnapped child
Grade 4 :: Because of Winn-Dixie by donna22
What did Winn Dixie do that disrupted the church service again?
  1. He chased a mouse.
  2. He "sang" with the choir.
  3. He wouldn't stop barking.
  4. He ran around the church.
Grade 7 :: Literature by carolr
Persuasive techniques used to influence people to think or act according to their point of view
  1. bandwagon
  2. propaganda
  3. either or thinking
  4. testimonial
Grade 10 :: The Most Dangerous Game by gena94
How does the author create suspense at the beginning of the story?
  1. Whitney and Rainsford discuss the prospects of hunting up the Amazon.
  2. Whitney refers to Captain Neilson, who never appears in the story.
  3. Whitney describes to Rainsford the mysterious reputation of the island that their boat is passing in the night.
  4. The story begins with a dialogue between two men.
Grade 5 :: Bridge to Terabithia by kisutte
What did Leslie and Jesse do to get back at Janice Avery?
  1. They told the principal that Janice was smoking in the bathroom.
  2. They told Janice's mom that she was picking on students.
  3. They took her lunch money.
  4. They wrote a fake love letter to her from a boy she liked.
Grade 12 :: Literature by rossj
Verbal irony can be presented as:
  1. sarcasm
  2. overstatement
  3. understatement
  4. all of the above
Grade 5 :: Bridge to Terabithia by kisutte
Why did Leslie and Jesse decide to develop a plan against Janice Avery?
  1. They did not like her.
  2. Leslie and Jesse were always pulling pranks.
  3. Janice Avery took Mae Bell's Twinkies.
  4. Leslie thought Janice liked Jesse.
Grade 8 :: A Christmas Carol by susanfrandsen
How does the Ghost of Christmas Future communicate with Scrooge?
  1. By staring him in the eyes until Scrooge guesses what the Ghost of Christmas Future wants.
  2. By writing on a note pad.
  3. By sending him text messages.
  4. By point his finger at something he wants Scrooge to notice.
Grade 10 :: Odyssey by aditya
The Odyssey tells the tale of...
  1. Myth and magic
  2. Gods and goddesses
  3. War and murder
  4. Monsters
  5. All of the above
Grade 8 :: A Christmas Carol by shelleygeorge
Because of the main character, what does the term "Scrooge" mean in today's world?
  1. Someone who loves Christmas
  2. Someone who doesn't have the Christmas spirit
  3. Someone who is a grouch
  4. Both b and c
Grade 4 :: Poetry by Asenath
The appearance of the words on the page in poetry is known as:
  1. stanza
  2. form
  3. rhythm
  4. line
Grade 10 :: The Lottery by rrandolph
What was represented by the black box?
  1. Death
  2. Family
  3. Tradition
  4. Murder
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by rflad
What is Rainsford's job?
  1. Duke
  2. Sailor
  3. Hunts and writes books about hunting
  4. Banker
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by rflad
What is the first thing Rainsford does to lose Zoroff?
  1. Jumps into the ocean
  2. Ties a knife to a tree
  3. Uses an old log to crush Zoroff
  4. Goes around in circles and hides in a tree
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