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Literature Questions - All Grades

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Grade 9 Jabberwocky CCSS: CCRA.R.4, CCRA.L.5, RL.9-10.4, L.9-10.5
What literacy device is the word "snicker-snack" an example of?
  1. Alliteration
  2. Onomatopoeia
  3. Rhythm
  4. Symbolism
Grade 9 The Most Dangerous Game
Which choice describes someone who is RESOURCEFUL?
  1. works for the Department of Natural Resources
  2. deals with problems effectively
  3. is afraid of the outdoors
  4. finds the sources of rivers
Grade 6 A Christmas Carol

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What was the main reason Marley's ghost visited Scrooge?
  1. to visit with his old friend
  2. to alert him to an accounting error
  3. to warn him about his fate
  4. to bring him a Christmas gift
Kindergarten Children's Literature
What type of fish did the bear catch?
  1. a big one
  2. a red one
  3. a cool one
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Where does the big green monster sleep?
  1. in the pot
  2. under the bed
  3. outside the tomb
Kindergarten Children's Literature
What kind of fish did the daddy bear catch?
  1. no fish
  2. a big fish
  3. a little fish
Kindergarten Children's Literature
What did the bear put on his hook?
  1. a fish
  2. a worm
  3. a banana
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Which word describes the bat?
  1. small
  2. black
  3. screechy
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Grade 1 Children's Literature
What were the martians doing?
  1. flying a spaceship
  2. landing on the earth
  3. taking over the moon
Kindergarten Children's Literature
Kindergarten Children's Literature
How long did they fish?
  1. a few minutes
  2. an hour
  3. all day
Grade 1 Children's Literature
What did the werewolf say?
  1. Boo!
  2. Howl!
  3. Yikes!
Kindergarten Children's Literature
Grade 1 Children's Literature
Kindergarten Children's Literature
Why is the end of the story funny?
  1. The dog ate the fish.
  2. Mommy caught a big fish.
  3. The fish jumped into the water.
Grade 5 Children's Literature
What happened to David's homework?
  1. He lost it.
  2. His dog ate it.
  3. It ran away from him.
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