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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Literature Questions

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Grade 8 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by shelleygeorge
What had the madness done for the narrator's senses?
  1. sharpened them
  2. destroyed them
  3. dulled them
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by shelleygeorge
Why were the police sent to the house?
  1. someone had seen the narrator
  2. a shriek was heard
  3. an argument was heard
Grade 8 :: The Ransom of Red Chief by awilson99
What is the best description of Johnny Dorset?
  1. He is a freckle-faced boy with red hair who enjoys being outside and playing make believe games
  2. He is one of the kidnappers in the story
  3. He is a kind-hearted young man who goes around his neighborhood doing good deeds, such as mowing lawns and washing windows
  4. He is the father of the kidnapped child
Grade 8 :: Democracy by shelleygeorge
What point of view is used in the poem "Democracy" by Langston Hughes?
  1. 1st person
  2. 2nd person
  3. 3rd person omniscient
  4. 3rd person limited
Grade 8 :: Romiette and Julio by hillsclass
Romiette's Journal was printed in a different font then other parts of the book. How else does the author reveal the character's thoughts or fears through text structures?
  1. The characters' thoughts are not revealed through text structures.
  2. The author does not reveal the characters' thoughts.
  3. The author uses italics when revealing the characters' thoughts.
  4. The author wrote in print to reveal characters' thoughts.
Grade 8 :: The Outsiders by shelleygeorge
Which theme from "The Outsiders" is illustrated by the following example? Pony can better cope with Bob's death once he sees the cocky, scared boy behind Bob's Soc image.
  1. Adapting to life may mean sacrificing your humanity and getting tough.
  2. Maturing means becoming sensitive to others as individuals.
  3. Trying to conform to the customs and rules of a group can create problems for an individual.
  4. A hero is not measured by image but by deeds
Grade 8 :: A Christmas Carol by susanfrandsen
How does the Ghost of Christmas Future communicate with Scrooge?
  1. By staring him in the eyes until Scrooge guesses what the Ghost of Christmas Future wants.
  2. By writing on a note pad.
  3. By sending him text messages.
  4. By point his finger at something he wants Scrooge to notice.
Grade 8 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by augrads
Grade 8 :: A Christmas Carol by shelleygeorge
Because of the main character, what does the term "Scrooge" mean in today's world?
  1. Someone who loves Christmas
  2. Someone who doesn't have the Christmas spirit
  3. Someone who is a grouch
  4. Both b and c
Grade 8 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by mrsjoubert
At the end of the play, the sound the main character hears could be any of the following EXCEPT:
  1. the old man's heart continuing to beat.
  2. his own heartbeat.
  3. his imagination.
  4. his guilty conscience.
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