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Eighth Grade (Grade 8) Science Questions

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Grade 8 :: Energy and Momentum by doliver701
Which situation is an example of increasing potential energy?
  1. a bicyclist stopping at a stop sign
  2. a cat jumping from a tree
  3. emptying a bucket of water
  4. pulling a wagon uphill
Grade 8 :: Scientific Method by mrsbateacher
Grade 8 :: Matter by CaryBloomquist
A gas has
  1. a definite shape and volume.
  2. a definite shape, but no definite volume.
  3. no definite shape or volume.
  4. no definite shape, but a definite volume.
Grade 8 :: Acids and Bases by aswindell
Which of the following are examples of acids?
  1. vinegar
  2. ammonia
  3. vitamin c
  4. alcohol
  5. oranges
  6. car batteries
  7. baking soda
  8. blood
Grade 8 :: Biochemistry by rebmidwife
The process where cells obtain energy from sugar molecules is called:
  1. biotic
  2. nitrogen cycle
  3. respiration
  4. food chains
Grade 8 :: Heat Transfer by doliver701
Which of the following best explains why the end of a spoon sticking out of a cup of hot water also gets hot?
  1. The hot water causes a chemical reaction to take place in the spoon.
  2. The heat from the hot water is conducted to the spoon handle.
  3. The hot water heats the air surrounding the upper part of the spoon.
  4. The hot water causes a physical change in the spoon handle.
Grade 8 :: Reactions by doliver701
Lucy noticed that her coin collection had begun to tarnish. Some of the metal in the coins had begun to change color. The formation of tarnish is most similar to which of the following changes?
  1. shredding a piece of paper into hundreds of tiny strips
  2. dropping a dinner plate on the floor
  3. melting ice cubes in a glass of juice
  4. burning a piece of paper to ashes in a fireplace
Grade 8 :: Evolution by sharrik
Different kinds of plants living in the same area must compete for water. Which plant represents "survival of the fittest"?
  1. the plant with the largest leaves
  2. a plant with a compact root system
  3. the plant with the largest root system
  4. a plant with needles instead of leaves
Grade 8 :: Bonds and Mixing by doliver701
Compare and contrast mixtures and compounds. Which statement is true about mixtures and
  1. Both mixtures and compounds are the same throughout.
  2. Mixtures and compounds are made of two or more elements in a definite proportion.
  3. Mixtures must be separated by chemical methods and compounds by physical methods.
  4. Mixtures contain two or more elements physically combined and compounds contain two or more elements chemically combined.
Grade 8 :: Matter by CaryBloomquist
Sublimation is a change from a
  1. solid to a liquid.
  2. gas to a liquid
  3. solid to a gas
  4. liquid to a solid
Grade 8 :: Properties of Matter by CaryBloomquist
Hardness, temperature, color, size, and smoothness are all
  1. states of matter
  2. physical properties of matter
  3. chemical properties of matter
  4. used to describe elements but not compounds
Grade 8 :: Forces and Motion by doliver701
Jeff was riding in a car. Which change demonstrates the GREATEST effect of inertia?
  1. The car makes a sudden stop.
  2. The car slows down gradually.
  3. The car changes into another lane.
  4. The car runs out of gas and rolls to a stop.
Grade 8 :: Waves and Sound by doliver701
All waves transmit
  1. energy.
  2. mass.
  3. matter.
  4. radiation
Grade 8 :: Cell Structure and Function by Gr8Life
Grade 8 :: Waves and Sound by doliver701
In order for a fish to see a bug just above the surface of the water, light travels from the insect through the air and crosses into the water until it reaches the fishes' eye. Which statement is true regarding the light wave as it travels?
  1. It will bend as it hits the water because it slows down.
  2. It will bend as it hits the water because the water particles move slower than air.
  3. It will travel straight from the bug to the fishes' eye because that is the most direct path.
  4. It will travel straight from the bug to the fishes' eye because it will continue to travel at the speed of light.
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