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Short Stories Questions - All Grades

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The Short Stories questions below are in the following grade levels:
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Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by amo53
Grade 7 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by mrbranscum
Read this line from "The Tell Tale Heart". "He shrieked once...I dragged him to the floor, and pulled the bed over him. I SMILED GAILY, to find the deed so far done."

Why did the narrator say "I smiled gaily"?
  1. the narrator was happy with what happened
  2. the narrator was satisfied that the old man was dead
  3. the narrator was upset at what he had done
  4. both a and b
Grade 8 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by mrsjoubert
At the end of the play, the sound the main character hears could be any of the following EXCEPT:
  1. the old man's heart continuing to beat.
  2. his own heartbeat.
  3. his imagination.
  4. his guilty conscience.
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by amo53
Why does General Zaroff hunt humans?
  1. He is a lunatic.
  2. He is a Cossack.
  3. He is an animal activist.
  4. He is bored with hunting animals.
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by amo53
Zaroff knew Rainsford because:
  1. they had hunted together before.
  2. he had read the book Rainsford wrote.
  3. they had met at an exhibition.
  4. he had guided him on Safari.
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by amo53
Why is Rainsford filled with terror when the general smiles and turns back?
  1. The general is playing cat and mouse - and Rainsford is the mouse.
  2. Rainsford is going to have face the quicksand.
  3. The general is beginning to look more and more like Ivan.
  4. The general will be bringing reinforcements.
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by amo53
What does Rainsford hear that drew him too close to the ship's rail?
  1. Three gun shots.
  2. A dog barking.
  3. A horn blowing in the distance.
  4. A man's scream.
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by amo53
Why wouldn't the general be concerned that Rainsford does not commit to remain silent about the island?
  1. The general is confident in his own abilities to hunt and kill, and therefore Rainsford will be dead.
  2. The general knows he will eventually convince Rainsford to keep quiet.
  3. The general has no telephone and knows that Rainsford will be locked in the cellar forever.
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by amo53
If someone is resourceful he or she:
  1. works for the Department of Natural Resources
  2. deals with problems effectively
  3. is afraid of the outdoors
  4. finds the sources of rivers
Grade 8 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by shelleygeorge
What had the madness done for the narrator's senses?
  1. sharpened them
  2. destroyed them
  3. dulled them
  4. none of the above
Grade 8 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by shelleygeorge
Why were the police sent to the house?
  1. someone had seen the narrator
  2. a shriek was heard
  3. an argument was heard
Grade 9 :: The Most Dangerous Game by amo53
In what sea was Ship-Trap Island in?
  1. Mediterranean
  2. Adriatic
  3. Caribbean
  4. Ionian
Grade 9 :: The Lottery by derreckr
Grade 8 :: The Ransom of Red Chief by awilson99
What is the best description of Johnny Dorset?
  1. He is a freckle-faced boy with red hair who enjoys being outside and playing make believe games
  2. He is one of the kidnappers in the story
  3. He is a kind-hearted young man who goes around his neighborhood doing good deeds, such as mowing lawns and washing windows
  4. He is the father of the kidnapped child
Grade 10 :: The Sniper by Hiba123
What is the irony of the story?
  1. The sniper is killed by his own brother.
  2. Shots from each shooter kills the other.
  3. The sniper kills his own brother.
  4. The old lady that the sniper killed was his mother.
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