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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Short Stories (Fiction) Questions

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Grade 11 The Lottery
What is the conflict?
  1. Person versus person
  2. Person versus society
  3. Person versus nature
  4. Person versus himself
Grade 11 The Fall of the House of Usher
The name of the poem Roderick sings is:
  1. The Hallowed House
  2. The Eerie Palace
  3. The House of Usher
  4. The Haunted Palace
Grade 11 The Lottery
Who is the antagonist?
  1. Joe Summers
  2. the government
  3. all the villagers
  4. Tessie's mother
Grade 11 The Minister's Black Veil
What is Earth's "Black Veil"? How does it compare to the symbolism of the
  1. Earth's "Black Veil" is night. Its associations with darkness, evil, nightmares, ghosts, and all other elements usually seen at night.
  2. Earth's "Black Veil" is night. Its association shows there is nothing to fear in the night.
  3. Earth's "Black Veil" is night. Just like some nights are light and dark, so can a veil be both light and dark
  4. Earth's "Black Veil" is night. So the veil is black.
Grade 11 A Sound of Thunder
In "A Sound of Thunder," what does the change in the spelling of TIME SAFARI signify?
  1. that they have arrived in the wrong year
  2. that the machines have malfunctioned
  3. that the travelers have changed as a result of their journey
  4. that the travelers have disrupted history
Grade 11 The Lottery

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Grade 11 The Fall of the House of Usher
Grade 11 The Fall of the House of Usher
Grade 11 The Fall of the House of Usher
Macabre is best described as being...
  1. gruelling
  2. demise
  3. gruesome
  4. grisly
Grade 11 The Minister's Black Veil
What effect was the veil and Hooper said to have had on the corpse at the funeral?
  1. the corpse became animated and alive once again.
  2. the corpse is said to have smiled a ghostly smile.
  3. the corpse is said to have shuddered at the sight of it.
Grade 11 The Minister's Black Veil
What is the "hour when all of us shall cast aside our veils"?
  1. marriage
  2. death
  3. birth
  4. religious rebirth
Grade 11 The Minister's Black Veil
What were some of the negative effects created by the black veil?
  1. frightened children
  2. people became timid
  3. surrounded him with sinister rumors
  4. all the above
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