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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Short Stories (Fiction) Questions

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Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Which message best fits the story?
  1. Honesty is the best policy.
  2. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  3. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  4. Don't count all your eggs before they are hatched.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Which detail from the story best shows the beggar's character?
  1. He picked up a purse of gold.
  2. He counted the money inside.
  3. He went to the judge to settle the case.
  4. He hoped he could find the owner of the purse.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Why did the judge give the purse of gold to the beggar?
  1. because he asked nicely
  2. because no one else had claimed it
  3. because he did not like the merchant
  4. because the beggar needed the money badly
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
How did the old man feel about his position in life?
  1. He was angry with God.
  2. He wished for more wealth and fame.
  3. He was content with his life and belongings.
  4. He worked hard day and night to rise to the top.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Why did the shoemaker and his wife stay up all night?
  1. to finish making shoes
  2. to wait for Santa Claus to arrive
  3. to catch the burglar in their home
  4. to see who was making the shoes
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
What did the shoemaker do with the first pair of shoes he found completed?
  1. He kept them.
  2. He gave them to a detective.
  3. He sold them for a high price.
  4. He tore them apart and remade them.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
How did the shoes benefit the old man?
  1. He was able to make a good living.
  2. He became poor and unable to keep his shop.
  3. He became lazy and stopped working as hard.
  4. He felt a hundred years younger and more energetic.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Why did the shoemaker and his wife make clothes and shoes for the elves?
  1. to show their thankfulness
  2. to keep them from coming back
  3. because the weather turned very cold
  4. because they wanted to show them off
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Why didn't the judge think the purse belonged to the merchant?
  1. It did not contain the correct amount of money.
  2. The merchant had been in his courtroom before.
  3. A witness testified that the merchant was lying.
  4. Someone turned in another purse full of gold coins.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
The two men went to the judge because
  1. they were arrested by a police officer.
  2. the beggar thought the merchant was lying.
  3. the merchant wanted the beggar thrown in jail.
  4. they could not determine who the purse belonged to.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
What caused people to think the cottage was suspicious?
  1. The owner of the cottage died.
  2. It was not decorated for the holidays.
  3. A group of kids went in and never came out.
  4. Spooky shadows moved around the windows.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Irony is when something happens that the reader does not expect. A family comes into the forest with an ax. What is ironic about this scene?
  1. They do not know what a latke is.
  2. They take the latke, not the Christmas tree.
  3. They celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah.
  4. They are looking for a tree t he day before Christmas.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
The lights called the latke
  1. french fries
  2. hash browns
  3. a baked potato
  4. mashed potatoes
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
"The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming" is most similar to which well-known fairy tale?
  1. Cinderella
  2. Snow White
  3. The Gingerbread Man
  4. The Elves and the Shoemaker
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
What did the skin horse say caused a toy to become real?
  1. the love of a child
  2. a special kind of heart
  3. the touch of a magic fairy
  4. a kiss from a real animal
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
Which choice best describes how the elves worked?
  1. quickly
  2. clumsily
  3. angrily
  4. stubbornly
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
What happened to the latke after it started to scream?
  1. It became fully cooked.
  2. It was covered with a lid.
  3. It jumped out of the window.
  4. It was kissed by an old woman.
Grade 4 Short Stories (Fiction)
How did the latke feel when he was taken into the home that celebrated Hanukkah?
  1. He was scared.
  2. He felt understood.
  3. He felt much cooler.
  4. He was happy to be loved.
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