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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Short Stories (Fiction) Questions

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Grade 5 :: The Call of the Sea by jenrupnow
In the story "The Call of the Sea," what is the conflict in the story?
  1. Joseph Rolande found a mermaid.
  2. The mermaid jumped in the water.
  3. The storm drove a ship onto the Bonuit rocks,
  4. Joseph Rolande's boat disappeared into the waves.
Grade 5 :: The Call of the Sea by jenrupnow
What type of conflict is in the story "The Call of the Sea"?
  1. Character versus Character
  2. Character versus Nature
  3. Character versus Self
Grade 5 :: Birdsong on a Summer Evening by jenrupnow
Grade 5 :: The Prince and the Pauper by angeliabb
Grade 5 :: The Harvest by marisae04
What is the tone of this story?
  1. serious
  2. playful
  3. angry
  4. sad
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