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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Science Questions

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Grade 5 :: Properties of Matter by reddrho22
Which activity below does not represent a chemical change?
  1. burning logs
  2. ripening pears
  3. decaying leaves
  4. melting ice cubes
Grade 5 :: Properties of Matter by reddrho22
Grade 5 :: Outer Planets by MrFradella
What is Jupiter's surface made of?
  1. Rocks
  2. Calcium
  3. Minerals
  4. No surface
Grade 5 :: Scientific Method by NZielinski
Grade 5 :: Environmental Science by ashmarie
Grade 5 :: Properties of Matter by Christina564
Grade 5 :: Forces and Motion by tawauna
The force that works against motion is
  1. friction
  2. newton
  3. direction
  4. acceleration
Grade 5 :: Forces and Motion by tawauna
An example of balanced forces is
  1. a person skating back and forth on an ice rink.
  2. a tire with treads gaining speed on an icy road.
  3. two soccer players running in opposite directions.
  4. a book resting on a desk.
Grade 5 :: Forces and Motion by tawauna
The first law of motion states
  1. that an object at rest will remain at rest.
  2. that an object in motion will remain in motion.
  3. that an unbalanced force can change the velocity of an object.
  4. all of the above.
Grade 5 :: Ecology by tawauna
Which list shows a possible order in which energy moves through an ecosystem?
  1. herbivore, carnivore, sun, producer, decomposer
  2. sun, producer, herbivore, carnivore, decomposer
  3. sun, producer, predator, consumer, decomposer
  4. producer, sun, carnivore, herbivore, decomposer
Grade 5 :: Energy and Momentum by LBeth
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