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Fifth Grade (Grade 5) Science Questions

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Grade 5 :: Rocks by O_O_O_O
What do all rocks have in common?
  1. same color
  2. they all have minerals
  3. same shape
  4. same size
Grade 5 :: Bonds and Mixing by kvmireles
Susan and Hector made three different mixtures which consisted of (1) baking soda and water, (2) gravel and water (3) table salt and water. Which of the following explains why table salt and water is also a solution?
  1. the salt dissolved in the water
  2. the contents can be separated by a filter
  3. the salt settles at the bottom
  4. the contents can be separated with a screen
Grade 5 :: Minerals by O_O_O_O
Grade 5 :: Heat Transfer by jrkimball
Grade 5 :: Rocks by Renooy
Grade 5 :: Scientific Methods and Applications by Andric1226
Grade 5 :: Ecology by NancyKinney
What is the niche of a producer?
  1. To eat other consumers.
  2. To provide food for carnivores.
  3. To make carbon dioxide-oxygen.
  4. To provide food for themselves and other organisms.
Grade 5 :: The Moon by InezHayes
Which of the following BEST explains why there are more craters on the moon than on the earth?
  1. Earth has an atmosphere.
  2. The moon is smaller than the earth
  3. Earth has rarely been struck by meteors
  4. The moon has a weaker gravitational force
Grade 5 :: Simple Machines by Dad_Chris
Which is an example of a wheel and axle?
  1. Hammer
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Wagon
  4. Ramp
  5. Flag Pole
Grade 5 :: Botany by Amyteach
Grade 5 :: Molecules and Compounds by amylynrob
Grade 5 :: Magnetism and Electricity by monicacortez
Grade 5 :: Properties of Matter by kvmireles
Which of the following defines matter?
  1. made of small particles that can easily be seen
  2. made of small particles that can be seen with a magnifying glass
  3. made of small particles too small to be seen
  4. made of small particles that can only be seen in solids
Grade 5 :: Outer Planets by kdeaton
What do the outer planets all have in common?
  1. a large, solid core
  2. well-defined rings
  3. a thick, gaseous atmosphere
  4. a density greater than Earth's density
Grade 5 :: Bonds and Mixing by kvmireles
Which of the following materials can be separated using filtration?
  1. a solution of vinegar and water
  2. a mixture of sand and sawdust
  3. a mixture of mud and water
  4. a solution of salt and water
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