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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Short Stories Questions

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Grade 7 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by mrbranscum
Read this line from "The Tell Tale Heart". "He shrieked once...I dragged him to the floor, and pulled the bed over him. I SMILED GAILY, to find the deed so far done."

Why did the narrator say "I smiled gaily"?
  1. the narrator was happy with what happened
  2. the narrator was satisfied that the old man was dead
  3. the narrator was upset at what he had done
  4. both a and b
Grade 7 :: The Monkey's Paw by szeiger
What does the monkey's paw symbolize?
  1. Death
  2. Greed
  3. Happiness
  4. Cruelty
Grade 7 :: The Monkey's Paw by mrbranscum
What is Herbert's attitude towards the monkey's paw?
  1. He believes in the magic paw.
  2. He doesn't believe in its magic powers.
  3. He asks his father for help in believing the paw's magic powers.
Grade 7 :: The Monkey's Paw by szeiger
Which is an example of foreshadowing in the story?
  1. Making wishes on the paw
  2. The chess game at the beginning
  3. Depicting the Whites' home as cozy
  4. The dark and stormy night
Grade 7 :: The Monkey's Paw by szeiger
"The Monkey's Paw" would most likely be classified as:
  1. Historical fiction
  2. Horror
  3. Science Fiction
  4. Mystery
Grade 7 :: The Monkey's Paw by mrbranscum
Why did Sergeant Major Morris decide to not sell the Monkey's Paw?
  1. He thinks that no one would buy it.
  2. He wanted to give it to Mr. White as a present.
  3. He was saving it for his children.
  4. He feels that the Monkey's Paw has caused enough trouble.
Grade 7 :: The Monkey's Paw by szeiger
Which superstition is discussed in the story?
  1. Bad things come in threes.
  2. Never cross a black cat's path.
  3. Breaking a mirror brings bad luck.
  4. Friday the 13th is cursed.
Grade 7 :: The Monkey's Paw by mrbranscum
What does Mr. White wish for with his first wish?
  1. To become famous
  2. To become a king or emperor
  3. To get a new job
  4. To get more money
Grade 7 :: Lob's Girl by chandra_9
In the story Lob's Girl, why does Sandy end up in the hospital?
  1. she catches the flu after a swim in the ocean
  2. she falls down the steps to the beach and breaks her leg
  3. she is hit by a truck on the steep hill outside her house
  4. she is visiting her Aunt Rebecca
Grade 7 :: Eleven by szeiger
The story is told from which point of view?
  1. First person
  2. Second person
  3. Third person limited
  4. Third person omniscient
Grade 7 :: The Monkey's Paw by szeiger
  1. Dealing with death and gruesome subjects
  2. A type of magic show
  3. Committing a crime and being found guilty
  4. A type of realistic fiction
Grade 7 :: Short Stories by vlaborde
Grade 7 :: The Highwayman by chandra_9
In the poem "The Highwayman," how did Bess warn The Highwayman about the trap?
  1. she sang a song loudly
  2. she rode out to meet him
  3. she had the redcoats tell him
  4. she shot herself
Grade 7 :: Eleven by szeiger
What is the narrator's main feeling about turning eleven?
  1. It's horrible
  2. It feels the same as being ten
  3. It is not old enough
  4. It is a silly age
Grade 7 :: Eleven by szeiger
Which is not a way the narrator describes the sweater?
  1. Itchy and full of germs
  2. A big red mountain
  3. Raggedy and old
  4. Torn and tattered
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