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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Short Stories Questions

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Grade 7 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by mrbranscum
Read this line from "The Tell Tale Heart". "He shrieked once...I dragged him to the floor, and pulled the bed over him. I SMILED GAILY, to find the deed so far done."

Why did the narrator say "I smiled gaily"?
  1. the narrator was happy with what happened
  2. the narrator was satisfied that the old man was dead
  3. the narrator was upset at what he had done
  4. both a and b
Grade 7 :: The Monkeys Paw by szeiger
What does the monkey's paw symbolize?
  1. Death
  2. Greed
  3. Happiness
  4. Cruelty
Grade 7 :: The Monkeys Paw by mrbranscum
What is Herbert's attitude towards the monkey's paw?
  1. He believes in the magic paw.
  2. He doesn't believe in its magic powers.
  3. He asks his father for help in believing the paw's magic powers.
Grade 7 :: The Monkeys Paw by szeiger
Which is an example of foreshadowing in the story?
  1. Making wishes on the paw
  2. The chess game at the beginning
  3. Depicting the Whites' home as cozy
  4. The dark and stormy night
Grade 7 :: The Monkeys Paw by mrbranscum
Why did Sergeant Major Morris decide to not sell the Monkey's Paw?
  1. He thinks that no one would buy it.
  2. He wanted to give it to Mr. White as a present.
  3. He was saving it for his children.
  4. He feels that the Monkey's Paw has caused enough trouble.
Grade 7 :: The Monkeys Paw by szeiger
"The Monkey's Paw" would most likely be classified as:
  1. Historical fiction
  2. Horror
  3. Science Fiction
  4. Mystery
Grade 7 :: The Monkeys Paw by mrbranscum
What does Mr. White wish for with his first wish?
  1. To become famous
  2. To become a king or emperor
  3. To get a new job
  4. To get more money
Grade 7 :: The Monkeys Paw by szeiger
Which superstition is discussed in the story?
  1. Bad things come in threes.
  2. Never cross a black cat's path.
  3. Breaking a mirror brings bad luck.
  4. Friday the 13th is cursed.
Grade 7 :: The Monkeys Paw by szeiger
  1. Dealing with death and gruesome subjects
  2. A type of magic show
  3. Committing a crime and being found guilty
  4. A type of realistic fiction
Grade 7 :: Short Stories by vlaborde
A character or force in conflict with a main character is called:
  1. antagonist
  2. narrator
  3. protagonist
  4. villain
Grade 7 :: The Bully by Lovinmuzic
The main reason Darrell likes the book Hatchet is that it:
  1. got him extra credit with Mr. Mitchell
  2. is about wrestling
  3. is about a weak boy who defeats a bully and goes out with a pretty girl
  4. is about a weak boy who becomes strong inside and out
Grade 7 :: The Highwayman by chandra_9
When the author says, "They turned through the doorway to the room in the sound of the storm and thunder, lighting on the faces, blue and terrible," he uses imagery in order to do what?
  1. identify the conflict between the students and nature
  2. show how scared the students were of the storm
  3. create a mood that reflects the students' inner turmoil
  4. illustrate the setting to the reader
Grade 7 :: The Tell-Tale Heart by mrbranscum
Why couldn't the narrator kill the old man on the first night?
  1. the eye was closed
  2. the narrator didn't have the courage the first night
  3. there was someone else in the house
  4. the old man wasn't asleep by midnight the first night
Grade 7 :: The Bully by Lovinmuzic
The central idea of The Bully is that:
  1. fighting is the best way to solve a problem
  2. you should poick on others before they have a chance to pick on you
  3. the only way to overcome fear of something is to face it head on
  4. the only way to be a real man is to hire John Cena as your full time body guard
Grade 7 :: The Bully by Lovinmuzic
Based on her final decision about Tyray and Darrell, we can infer the principal:
  1. believes students who fight should get the same punishment, no matter what
  2. thinks Darrell is a troublemaker who needs to be punished
  3. doesn't believe what she hears from Ms. Bea, Coach Lewis and Mr. Mitchell
  4. believes Darrell was simply defending himself from Tyray's bullying
Grade 7 :: The Bully by Lovinmuzic
One of the life lessons Darrell learns by the end of the story is that:
  1. the little guy never wins
  2. if you smile at people, you are guaranteed to make friends
  3. no matter how much you try, you can't change what people think of you
  4. inner strength is the most important kind of toughness
Grade 7 :: The Bully by Lovinmuzic
Which of the following things does Tyray NOT do to Darrell:
  1. steal his gym clothes
  2. slam him in the trash
  3. flip his cafeteria food on him
  4. start rumors that he is mental
Grade 7 :: The Bully by Lovinmuzic
You can conclude that Mr. Mitchell is the kind of teacher who:
  1. thinks its fun to torment his students
  2. doesn't really notice what's going on between students in his class
  3. cares very much about the well being of his students
  4. likes to give special treatment to students who are athletes
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