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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) Science Questions

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Grade 7 :: Scientific Method by Johnsonjoe
An educated guess.
  1. experiment
  2. hypothesis
  3. science
  4. radiation
Grade 7 :: Zoology by JeffreyLockett
Which of the following characteristics of living things best explains why birds fly south for the winter?
  1. living things reproduce
  2. living things maintain internal balance
  3. living things respond to their environment
  4. living things are based on a universal genetic code
Grade 7 :: Scientific Method by Johnsonjoe
A guess on what will happen.
  1. theory
  2. science
  3. greenhouse effect
  4. prediction
Grade 7 :: Scientific Method by emc10755
Grade 7 :: Scientific Method by emc10755
Grade 7 :: Anatomical Organization by rjmitch
What are the four levels of organization for a multicellular organism?
  1. cells, tissues, organs, bodies
  2. cells, organs, organ systems, bodies
  3. tissues, organs, organ systems, bodies
  4. cells, tissues, organs, organ systems
Grade 7 :: Properties of Matter by erogers
Which of the following best describes the particles in matter?
  1. They are larger in solids than in liquids or gases
  2. They are larger in gases than in solids or liquids
  3. They do not move in solids
  4. They are always moving
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