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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Science Questions

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Grade 9 :: Lab Practices and Tools by ALanter
In a microscope, the ocular (eyepiece) is used to
  1. look through
  2. direct light to the slide
  3. adjust the focus
  4. hold the slide
Grade 9 :: Periodic Table and Elements by swiftadam81
Grade 9 :: Atomic Structure by swiftadam81
Grade 9 :: Atomic Structure by swiftadam81
Which sub-atomic particle has a positive charge
  1. proton
  2. neutron
  3. electron
  4. nucleus
Grade 9 :: Evolution by JVance
Sperm whales have vestigial hip bones, and a small percentage of sperm whales also have vestigial hind limbs. Which of the following statements best explains the presence of these vestigial structures in sperm whales?
  1. Sperm whales evolved from ancestors that walked on land.
  2. Sperm whales are in the process of evolving into land mammals.
  3. These structures are acquired by each individual sperm whale during its lifetime.
  4. These structures resulted from sperm whales having a long period of embryonic development.
Grade 9 :: Planetary Motion by swiftadam81
How long does it take earth to complete one revolution?
  1. 29.5 days
  2. 365.25 days
  3. 24 hours
  4. 72 hours
Grade 9 :: Universe by swiftadam81
Grade 9 :: The Moon by swiftadam81
What is the most popular theory on how the moon formed?
  1. capture theory
  2. impact theory
  3. simultaneous formation theory
  4. magic theory
Grade 9 :: DNA, RNA, and Genetics by PMISIAS
The process by which RNA is made from DNA is called
  1. translation
  2. transcription
  3. replication
  4. respiration
Grade 9 :: Taxonomy by JVance
Which of the following characteristics is most useful when classifying a eukaryote into a kingdom?
  1. How the organism feeds
  2. How the organism moves
  3. The organism's color and mass
  4. The organism's form and structure
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