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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) Science Questions

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Grade 9 :: Biochemical Pathways by LBeth
Grade 9 :: Human Reproduction by bfiles
When does conception or fertilization occur?
  1. a dominant gene overrides a recessive gene.
  2. sperm from a male unites with an egg from a female.
  3. an egg matures in a female's ovary.
  4. all 23 pairs of chromosomes are present.
Grade 9 :: Communities, Populations, and Ecosystems by TeacherClara
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by grody311
Grade 9 :: Human Reproduction by bfiles
How are blood and nutrients carried from the mother to the developing fetus?
  1. placenta
  2. fallopian tubes
  3. endometrium
  4. umbilical cord
Grade 9 :: Botany by mrsbateacher
In the nitrogen cycle, how is nitrogen is fixed?
  1. nitrogen-fixing bacteria
  2. lightning
  3. a only
  4. a and b
  5. none of the above
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by grody311
Nitrogen is not a greenhouse gas. This is because nitrogen
  1. absorbs UV radiation
  2. breaks down UV radiation
  3. scatters UV radiation
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by grody311
Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
  1. water vapor
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. oxygen
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by grody311
Grade 9 :: Biotic and Abiotic by caryocs
Which is a biotic factor operating within an ecosystem?
  1. the type of climate in a given region
  2. the carnivores that consume other animals
  3. the amount of helium gas in the air
  4. the rate of flow of water in a river
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by grody311
What is the main way that humans put excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere?
  1. spilling oil into the ocean
  2. burning fossil fuels
  3. creating carbonated beverages
Grade 9 :: Earth's Layers by grody311
What is one reason that the Earth's core is so hot?
  1. Coal and oil burn in the core.
  2. As heavy elements in the core decay, they produce radioactive heat.
  3. The Sun heats up the Earth and causes the inside to melt.
Grade 9 :: Human Reproduction by bfiles
What are the overall physical changes that occur in male and female bodies during puberty called?
  1. premenstrual symdrome.
  2. estrogen
  3. secondary sex characteristics
  4. testosterone
Grade 9 :: Human Reproduction by bfiles
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