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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Arts Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 4 Arts questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 4 Musical Notation
What are the spaces, in order, on the treble clef?
  1. a, c, e, g
  2. f, a, c, e
  3. e,g,b,d
  4. a,b,c,d
Grade 4 Musical Notation
What are the lines, in order, on the treble clef?
  1. e,g,b,d,f
  2. g,b,d,f,a
  3. b,d,f,e,g
  4. f,a,c,e
Grade 4 Musical Instruments
Which 4 instruments belong to the string family?
  1. violin,cello, flute, oboe
  2. violin, cello, trumpet, french horn
  3. violin, cello, double bass, viola
  4. violin, cello, piano, guitar
Grade 4 Musical Terms
An interval that is eight notes apart is called what?
  1. octave
  2. whole rest
  3. half note
  4. quarter rest
Grade 4 Music Theory
Grade 4 Music Theory
Grade 4 Performance and Listening
Grade 4 Musical Terms
What connects two notes that are the same?
  1. a tie
  2. a beat
  3. a bar
  4. a chord
Grade 4 Baroque - 1600-1750
Put the periods of classical music in the correct order from earliest to latest.
  1. modern, romantic, classical, baroque
  2. romantic, baroque, modern, classical
  3. classical, modern, baroque, romantic
  4. baroque, classical, romantic, modern
Grade 4 Musical Notation
The meaning of fortissimo.
  1. soft
  2. very loud
  3. moderately soft
  4. quiet
Grade 4 Performance and Listening
What type of song shows pride in our country?
  1. liberal
  2. instrumental
  3. patriotic
  4. duet
Grade 4 Painting
Grade 4 Painting
Brown, gray and black are called:
  1. pastel colors
  2. primary colors
  3. neutral colors
  4. complementary colors
Grade 4 Musical Notation
Grade 4 Musical Notation
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