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Authors Questions - All Grades

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Grade 11 Edgar Allen Poe
Which of these identifies a main cause-and-effect relationship in “The Raven”?
  1. poetry and happiness
  2. loss and heartbreak
  3. sleeplessness and illness
  4. strange visitors and dreams
Grade 11 Authors
An important contributor to the Harlem Renaissance:
  1. W.H. Auden
  2. Robert Frost
  3. Langston Hughes
  4. William Carlos Williams
Grade 11 Edgar Allen Poe
When the speaker in “The Raven” thinks that Lenore may be at his door, what are his feelings?
  1. fear and anguish
  2. hope and doubt
  3. anger and disgust
  4. curiosity and relief
Grade 11 Edgar Allen Poe
In "The Raven", the speaker thinks the noise he hears is —
  1. his enemy stalking him
  2. the wind blowing the door open
  3. someone at the door
  4. his friends playing tricks on him
Grade 11 Edgar Allen Poe
The narrator guesses that the Raven says, “Nevermore,” because —
  1. it had been listening to the narrator mourning for Lenore.
  2. its former master was an unhappy person.
  3. Lenore had originally kept it as a pet.
  4. the narrator's enemy had taught it this word to torture the narrator.
Grade 11 Authors
Known for altering traditional forms and ushering in the era of modern american poetry:
  1. e.e. cummings
  2. Edna St. Vincent Millay
  3. Carl Sandburg
  4. Emily Dickinson
Grade 7 Edgar Allen Poe
Ominous, in "The Raven", implies which of the following:
  1. pale or faint in color
  2. pleasant or calm in nature
  3. giving the impression of evil, foreboding, threatening
  4. a private room of sorrow
Grade 11 Edgar Allen Poe
Why does the poet have the Raven perch on the bust of the Greek goddess Pallas?
  1. Ravens were sacred to the Greeks.
  2. This association suggests the Raven is wise.
  3. The speaker associates Pallas with his dead love, Lenore.
  4. The poet is suggesting that this poem takes place in ancient Greece.
Grade 11 Authors
This author had a famous anthropologist father and author mother.
  1. Ursula K LeGuin
  2. Maya Angelou
  3. Philip K Dick
  4. Kurt Vonnegut
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