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Grammar Questions - All Grades

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Grade 4 Nouns
Choose the correct possessive noun.
the report card of the student
  1. the students' report card
  2. the students report card
  3. the student's report card
  4. the student report cards
Grade 4 Capitalization and Punctuation
What change, if any, should be made in the following sentence?

Large cities, such as Dallas, often have problems with air pollution.
  1. Change cities to city
  2. Change Dallas to dallas
  3. Change problems to problem
  4. Make no change
College Grammar
Which of the following is grammatically correct?
  1. Peter walk to school with his brother every day.
  2. Dorothy and Viv lives at the white house with green shutters.
  3. Dorothy, Viv, and their sisters travels for most of the year.
  4. Peter runs home ahead of his brother every day.
Grade 6 Types of Sentences
Grade 3 Capitalization
Grade 9 Verbs
Grade 5 Capitalization and Punctuation
Choose the correctly punctuated sentence
  1. While we sing you can light the candles.
  2. While we sing; you can light the candles.
  3. You can light the candles while we sing.
  4. You can light the candles, while we sing.
1 2 3 4 ... 487
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