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Paragraph Structure Questions - All Grades

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Grade 4 :: Paragraph Structure by RWilliams03
Choose a good topic sentence for these details.

In almost 100 years only about twelve white tigers have been seen in India.
They are almost extinct. Most of the ones living are in zoos, not in their natural habitat.
  1. The white tiger's diet consists mostly of deer and antelope.
  2. White tigers have white fur, blue eyes, and a pink nose.
  3. White tigers are extremely difficult to find in the wilderness.
  4. White tigers are still hunted in the wilderness today.
Grade 1 :: Paragraph Structure by EmilieWhitehead
Grade 1 :: Paragraph Structure by EmilieWhitehead
Grade 4 :: Paragraph Structure by RWilliams03
Grade 3 :: Paragraph Structure by cfriend
What happened last in the sentence below?

James opened the car door, turned the key, and drove down the road.
  1. James drove home.
  2. James turned the key.
  3. James drove down the road.
  4. James opened the car door.
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