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Matter Questions - All Grades

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Grade 5 Matter
Condensation is
  1. climate.
  2. the process by which a liquid changes into a gas.
  3. groundwater.
  4. the process by which a gas changes into a liquid.
Grade 2 Matter
What are the three major states of matter?
  1. solid, liquid, and gas
  2. Solid, liquid, and wood
  3. solid, iron, and gas
  4. metal, wood, and paper
Grade 6 Matter
Melting is
  1. when a substance changes from a solid to a liquid (i.e. from ice to water)
  2. when a substance changes from a liquid to a solid (e.g. water to ice)
Grade 3 Matter
The states of matter are
  1. anything that has gravity
  2. solids, liquids, and gas
  3. facts or information
Grade 6 Matter
Evaporating is when
  1. a substance changes from a liquid to a gas by heating it to its boiling point (i.e water in a kettle turning to water vapor)
  2. a substance changes from a liquid to a gas (or vapor) naturally (ie. when a puddle dries by the water in it evaporating)
  3. a substance changes from a gas (or vapor) into a liquid (ie. water vapor condenses to tiny droplets of water on a cold window)
Grade 7 Matter
Grade 6 Matter
Mass is the
  1. amount of matter in an object.
  2. synonym for weight.
  3. measurement of electrons in matter.
Grade 4 Matter
Grade 5 Matter
Molecules in gas are
  1. close together
  2. far apart
  3. tight and pull on each other a lot
Grade 7 Matter
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