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College Geology Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these College Geology questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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College Rocks
College Geomorphology
A mountain or mountain building event
  1. Fault
  2. Caldera
  3. Orogeny
  4. Rifting
  5. Tumuli
College Historical Geology
Which of the following CANNOT be demonstrated in fossil records?
  1. The number of total individuals in a species
  2. Origin of a new species
  3. Morphological changes within a species
  4. Extinction of a species
College Earth's Layers
When dealing with the density of each layer of Earth, put the layers in order from highest density to lowest density?
  1. core, crust, mantle
  2. mantle, crust, core
  3. crust, core, mantle
  4. core, mantle, crust
  5. none of the above
College Earth's Layers
The lithosphere is made up of the
  1. Mantle
  2. Crust
  3. Core
  4. Crust and upper mantle
  5. None of the above
College Earth's Layers
College Geology
College Tectonics
Most volcanism in the world is associated with
  1. Plate boundaries
  2. Midcontinental hot spots
  3. Faulting
  4. Aquifer Depletion
  5. Desertification
College Earth's Layers
Why is the core so much denser than the crust and mantle on Earth?
  1. Large percentage of brick
  2. Large percentage of iron
  3. Large percentage of molten lava
  4. Large percentage of silicon
  5. None of the above
College Rocks
Factors involved in soil formation are
  1. nitrogen-fixing bacteria, grazing by herbivores, tropical storms
  2. erosion, leaching
  3. frequent wildfires, wind, temperatures above 100 degrees F
  4. weathering of parent material, freezing/thawing, tree roots
  5. seasonal changes in tides, earthquakes
College Rocks
Humus is
  1. artificial fertilizer applied to monocultures
  2. composed or organic matter and is necessary to fertility and holding soil moisture
  3. found in the E layer of a soil horizon
  4. the result of agricultural runoff into waterways or ground water
  5. one of the primary causes of desertification
College Rocks
Which of the following is not true for soil?
  1. has decaying material that supplies nutrients to primary producers in the same ecosystem
  2. pesticide, fertilizers, growth hormones, antibiotics, water, and fossil fuels are relatively quickly removed
  3. a complex system consisting of disintegrated rock, organic matter, water, gases, nutrients, microorganisms
  4. a renewable resource that can be depleted if abused
  5. soil is the foundation for agriculture
College Historical Geology
Fossil fuels are found in rocks....years old, are a result of ancient organic matter (mostly plants) buried quickly in anaerobic sediments under....and as a result of....
  1. 1.5 billion....heat and pressure....chemical reaction turns the carbon in the plants into coal, crude oil and natural gas
  2. 0.5 billion....oxygen and pressure....chemical reaction turns the carbon in the plants into coal, crude oil and natural gas
  3. 100 to 500 million....heat and pressure....chemical reaction that turns organic carbon into coal, crude oil or natural gas
  4. 3.7 million....temperature and earthquakes....physical reaction turns the carbon in the plants into crude oil and natural gas
  5. 1.1 million....oxygen and pressure....mechanical reaction turns the carbon in the plants into coal, crude oil, and natural gas
College Tectonics
What are some key markers of plate boundaries?
  1. a dark line
  2. earthquakes
  3. volcanic activity
  4. both b and c
  5. none of the above
College Earth's Layers
Crust broken into 2 types
  1. solid and liquid
  2. hard and soft
  3. thin and thick
  4. igneous and sedimentary
  5. none of the above
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