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College Environmental Science Questions

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College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
Effects attributed to Chernobyl
  1. were contained within the Ukraine
  2. have not been extensively documented
  3. serious respiratory illnesses but no fatalities
  4. increased incidence of thyroid cancers
  5. increased incidence of emphysema
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
The US Senate has so far opposed emissions reductions on the grounds that
  1. no other nations have pledged reductions
  2. the US does not emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases
  3. President Obama rejected the scientific basis of global climate change
  4. it might hurt the economy
  5. the US already reduced its emissions by 68% as agreed in the Copenhagen treaty
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
Energy conservation in the United States
  1. can be accomplished only through changed in environmental laws
  2. is unlikely to ever occur
  3. can be accomplished by changed in tax laws
  4. will be reality only if there is another major war
  5. can be improved as individuals make conscious choices to reduce personal consumption
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
When assessing energy resources, it is helpful to use a measure called EROI, which is                                                                   .
  1. energy returned minus energy invested
  2. energy returned plus energy invested
  3. amount of energy invested minus heat released into the environment
  4. money invested in extraction and processing minus money in sales
  5. energy returned divided by energy invested
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
Oil production, refining, and transportation have been associated with all of the following environmental problems except:
  1. disturbance of the land surface
  2. land subsidence
  3. acid mine drainage
  4. release of harmful gases
  5. pollution of groundwater
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
The Deepwater Horizon's spill in 2010 showed that offshore drilling is very dangerous. Which of the following is not true for the consequences of it today?
  1. Countless animals (birds, shrimp. fish, etc.) died
  2. Fisheries were devastated, and fishermen lost jobs
  3. Tourism and economics of the area have been equally strong for the last 5 years
  4. Native bird and turtle species are lost forever
  5. Coastal marsh plants died, leading to erosion
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
Crude oil is
  1. composed of less then ten different hydrocarbon molecules
  2. useable in its raw form
  3. formed less than 100 yards below the surface; in deeper places with more pressure, coal is formed
  4. formed in a wide range of temperature and pressure circumstances
  5. fractionated with heat to separate the chemicals used for gasoline, lubricants, plastics and other products
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
Which of the following is a non-point pollution source?
  1. Acid mine drainage
  2. A pipe coming out of a factory
  3. Raw sewage being discharged from a cruise ship
  4. Run-off from agricultural fields
  5. A sewage treatment plant
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
The primary causes of acid deposition are                                 .
  1. tropospheric ozone
  2. sulfur and nitrogen oxides
  3. soil dust and sand
  4. radon gas and fuel wood smoke
  5. carbon monoxide and formaldehyde
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
                                                                        is NOT a part of the technology of "clean coal"
  1. Removing sulfur oxides form the emissions
  2. Capturing and sequestering carbon emissions
  3. Converting coal to syngas (natural gas)
  4. Removing carbon content from coal before combustion
  5. Injecting captured carbon dioxide into rock formations deep underground
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
Deposits of natural gas are most numerous in                   .
  1. the Middle East
  2. Russia
  3. South America
  4. Panama
  5. Spain and Portugal
College :: Environmental Science by Madeline1995
In legislations, the precautionary principle applied to climate change, states that
  1. caution should be used in handling hazardous wastes
  2. lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used to postpone measures to prevent major environmental degradation
  3. alterations to legislation must be done in a way that maximizes environmental protection at the urging of scientists without recourse form the voting public
  4. all alternative sources of energy should be evaluated by the scientific community before marketing
  5. permit trading should be undertaken with caution
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