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Environmental Science Questions - All Grades

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The Environmental Science questions below are in the following grade levels:
Grades: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 College
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Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by rosalatorre
Salt water can be converted to fresh water by desalination which includes
  1. boiling water
  2. freezing water
  3. pumping water through a filter
  4. all of the above
Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by rosalatorre
Grade 5 :: Environmental Science by ashmarie
Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by rosalatorre
What is the order of how to treat drinking water?
  1. first filtration, coagulation, settling basins, second filtration, chlorination, aeration, additional treatment
  2. first filtration, settling basins, aeration, additional treatment, chlorination, coagulation, second filtration
  3. first filtration, aeration, second filtration, additional treatment, settling basins, coagulation, chlorination
  4. first filtration, second filtration settling basins, aeration, coagulation, additional treatment, chlorination
Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by Qalam
Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by Myras
To "clear" the land in the rain forest is best defined as:
  1. Moving trees and re-planting them from one location to another.
  2. The process of seeing through the rain forest.
  3. Cutting down trees in the rain forest.
  4. All of the above.
Grade 4 :: Environmental Science by TracieMoore
Grade 4 :: Environmental Science by jmv7680
Formed from the remains of plants and animals.
  1. Solar energy
  2. Fossil fuel
  3. Heat
  4. Energy
Grade 6 :: Environmental Science by crunk
Grade 11 :: Environmental Science by madman381
When we discuss “our environment” we are referring to
  1. All conditions in the world.
  2. only interactions that affect human life.
  3. only conditions that cause negative effects on our health.
  4. primarily interactions that harm the atmosphere.
  5. the sum of all the conditions surrounding us that influence life
Grade 4 :: Environmental Science by TracieMoore
What is one way people can prevent soil erosion?
  1. farming up and down a hill
  2. watering the plants too much
  3. contour farming
  4. eating less vegetables
Grade 7 :: Environmental Science by Davidneg
                          comes from one specific site, for example, a major chemical spill.
  1. Water pollution
  2. Point-source pollution
  3. Nonpoint-source pollution
  4. Nuclear pollution
Grade 9 :: Environmental Science by MariaHarrington
Quarries are
  1. big underground mines
  2. small open-pit mines
  3. mines where dynamite is used
  4. mines where water is used
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