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Environmental Science Questions - All Grades

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Grade 6 Environmental Science
Increase in human population impacts which of earth's spheres?
  1. biosphere only
  2. biosphere and hydrosphere only
  3. biosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere only
  4. biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and geosphere
Grade 6 Environmental Science
Grade 4 Environmental Science
Which of the following is not an example of reduce, reuse, recycle?
  1. Using worn-out clothes for rags.
  2. Refilling plastic water bottles.
  3. Throwing old toys in the trash can.
  4. Taking aluminum cans to the school recycling center.
Grade 5 Environmental Science
Which is an example of a natural disaster?
  1. a small earthquake strikes an area without any cities or towns
  2. a blizzard hits a city and roofs collapses under the weight of the snow
Grade 2 Environmental Science
Throwing trash on the ground
  1. resource
  2. littering
  3. compost
Grade 2 Environmental Science
To make less trash
  1. landfill
  2. resource
  3. reduce
Grade 2 Environmental Science
Things we use from nature
  1. compost
  2. reduce
  3. resource
Grade 3 Environmental Science
Which is a natural resource?
  1. Summer - Tree - Small tree
  2. Valentine's Day - Cup Cake - Small cupcake
  3. Fall - Umbrella - Small umbrella
  4. Back To School - Notebook - Small notebook
Grade 6 Environmental Science
What are the two sources of energy for the Earth system?
  1. The wind & rain
  2. The sun & earth's interior
  3. Thunder & lightning
  4. Earth's oil & gas
Grade 3 Environmental Science
A beaver uses branches and mud to build a dam.

Which is the most likely change to the Earth's surface caused by the dam?
  1. the dam changes the flow of water
  2. the dam changes the air temperature
  3. the dam changes the type of rocks nearby
Grade 4 Environmental Science
Coal is a naturally forming rock. It formed millions of years ago from the remains of plants and animals. Coal is mined from the Earth, then burned for energy.

Which sentence from the passage describes how people change the Earth's surface?
  1. Coal is a naturally forming rock.
  2. It formed millions of years ago from the remains of plants and animals.
  3. Coal is mined from the Earth, then burned for energy.
Grade 4 Environmental Science
Which is an example of how people change the shape of the land?
  1. a space rock hits the Earth's surface
  2. a train tunnel cuts through a mountain
  3. a tree root cracks road pavement in the winter
Grade 9 Environmental Science
All of the following are ways to fight global warming EXCEPT:
  1. preserve forests
  2. conserve energy
  3. increase use of fossil fuels
  4. develop sustainable energy sources
Grade 5 Environmental Science
Air pollution can be caused by
  1. chemicals
  2. burning fossil fuels or trash
  3. dust
  4. all of the above
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