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Eleventh Grade (Grade 11) Earth Science Questions

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Grade 11 Environmental Science
Grade 11 Tectonics
Grade 11 Environmental Science
Which is not a primary use of dams?
  1. recreation
  2. electricity generation
  3. flood control
  4. agricultural uses
Grade 11 Atmosphere
Grade 11 Environmental Science
Environmental Scientists study interactions between
  1. animals and their environment.
  2. humans and their environments.
  3. humans and animals.
  4. animals and their habitats.
Grade 11 Oceanography and Hydrology
Which cycle illustrates the path of water through the environment?
  1. nitrogen cycle
  2. carbon cycle
  3. phosphorus cycle
  4. hydrologic cycle
Grade 11 Environmental Science

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What is a resource that can be replaced relatively quickly by natural processes?
  1. nonrenewable resources
  2. depleted resources
  3. material resources
  4. renewable resources
Grade 11 Environmental Science
Grade 11 Earth's Layers
What is the core made of?
  1. Iron
  2. Aluminum
  3. Steel
  4. Iron and Nickel
  5. Both a and c
Grade 11 Oceanography and Hydrology
Which statement about aqueducts is correct?
  1. aqueducts designed as open canals can lose a lot of water through evaporation
  2. aqueducts are a modern invention
  3. aqueducts do not divert water from lakes
  4. aqueducts do not affect the amount water remain in rivers
Grade 11 Historical Geology
In which epoch did marsupial mammals appear?
  1. Paleocene
  2. Eocene
  3. Miocene
  4. Holocene
Grade 11 Historical Geology
Grade 11 Historical Geology
What was happening to Pangaea during the Jurassic Period?
  1. Still forming
  2. Hadn't formed yet
  3. Starting to break apart
  4. Was long gone by then
Grade 11 Historical Geology
Grade 11 Earth's Layers
Grade 11 Environmental Science
Grade 11 Environmental Science
One of the major goals of environmental science is to
  1. Manage existing environmental problems.
  2. Understand and solve environmental problems.
  3. Create more environmental problems.
  4. Find problems and observe until they reach a critical level.
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