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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) US Government Questions

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Grade 7 :: US Government by NoahSJ
The President is the head of the                 Branch.
  1. Judicial
  2. Legislative
  3. Military
  4. Executive
Grade 7 :: US Government by NoahSJ
The Branch of government that makes the laws is the:
  1. Authoritarian
  2. Despotic
  3. Legislative
  4. Judicial
Grade 7 :: US Government by NoahSJ
Which one of these is not a branch of government?
  1. Judicial
  2. Executive
  3. Military
  4. Legislative
Grade 7 :: US Government by NoahSJ
There are 3 levels of government.
  1. True
  2. False
Grade 7 :: US Government by NoahSJ
Government has a part in our lives by :
  1. paying for our roads
  2. giving us public schools
  3. having us pay taxes
  4. all of the above
Grade 7 :: US Government by DrWho
What do we call the first 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution?
  1. Articles of the Constitution
  2. Articles of the Confederation
  3. Branches of government
  4. Bill of Rights
Grade 7 :: US Government by NoahSJ
A(n)               is an individual who moves permanently to a new country
  1. immigrant
  2. foreigner
  3. migration
  4. farmer
Grade 7 :: Texas by ncamp
What happened at Washington-on-the-Brazos on March 2, 1836?
  1. The Texas Declaration of Independence was adopted by unanimous vote of the Convention.
  2. Santa Anna entered the town and routed the Texas provisional government.
  3. The Texas constitution was approved.
Grade 7 :: US Government by Qalam
How did most Americans feel about the Texans' fight against Mexico?
  1. They opposed it.
  2. They supported it.
  3. They attacked it.
  4. They ignored it.
Grade 7 :: US Government by billycamps
The branch of government that interprets laws is the
  1. legislative
  2. judicial
  3. executive
  4. political
Grade 7 :: US Government by bryanstorms
A representative democracy is a type of government that....
  1. is ruled by a king or queen
  2. every one participates in
  3. representatives are elected to run the country's day-to-day affairs
  4. all industries are owned by the government
Grade 7 :: Texas by Qalam
The Black Bean episode was a direct result of
  1. Somervell's expedition
  2. the Mier expedition.
  3. the Battle of Salado Creek.
  4. the Archives War.
Grade 7 :: Texas by Qalam
Why was the building of Fort Texas bound to cause conflict with Mexico?
  1. Its name was offensive.
  2. It was built by General Taylor.
  3. It was built on disputed land.
  4. It was in sight of Mexico City.
Grade 7 :: Texas by Qalam
Which basic idea formed the foundation of the first state constitution?
  1. Texas should not have Mexican influence.
  2. A republic must be avoided.
  3. The people should control the government.
  4. Our constitution must be like Tennessee's.
Grade 7 :: Texas by Qalam
Who was the first governor of Texas?
  1. James Pinckney Henderson
  2. David Kaufman
  3. Sam Houston
  4. John Hemphill
Grade 7 :: Texas by Qalam
What is one reason why the reservation system failed in Texas?
  1. Texans failed to recognize different Indian groups.
  2. There was no land for reservations.
  3. No Indians would remain on a reservation.
  4. The state government ran out of money.
Grade 7 :: Texas by Qalam
Which of the following was a reason for continuing violence between Native Americans and Texans?
  1. unequal compensation for services in the Mexican War
  2. remaining unpaid debts
  3. the decision to close the frontier
  4. different beliefs about land ownership
Grade 7 :: Texas by Qalam
Who built forts along the Texas western frontier to protect settlers from Indian raids?
  1. the state government
  2. the settlers themselves
  3. the U.S. government
  4. the New Mexican government
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