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Ninth Grade (Grade 9) US Government Questions

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Grade 9 Legislative Branch
Each state receives a certain number of representatives based on what?
  1. Number of voters in that state
  2. Population of the state
  3. How many representatives are elected in that state
Grade 9 US Laws and Amendments
Grade 9 Legislative Branch
The main job of Congress is to:
  1. Interprate Laws
  2. Break Laws
  3. Make Laws
  4. Enforce Laws
Grade 9 Legislative Branch
The leader of the House of Representatives is the:
  1. Speaker
  2. President Pro tempore
  3. Vice President
  4. Oldest Representative
Grade 9 US Government
In the United States, citizens do NOT have the right to
  1. make choices about their lives
  2. have a fair trial
  3. make decisions that take away certain rights from others
  4. vote in elections
Grade 9 Legislative Branch
The Leader of the Senate is the:
  1. Speaker
  2. President Pro tempore
  3. Vice President
  4. Oldest Senator
Grade 9 Executive Branch
What is the executive branch's job?
  1. to break laws
  2. to enforce laws
  3. to make laws
  4. to execute laws
Grade 9 Legislative Branch
If a Bill is sent to the president with more than 10 days left in the session of Congress and it is not signed it:
  1. automatically becomes law
  2. is vetoed
  3. is called a pocket veto
  4. is sent back to congress
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