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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) World History Questions

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Grade 7 :: Roman Empire by christinn2000
What was an empire?
  1. temples gathered in an area
  2. city-states located together
  3. group that shares the same culture and beliefs
  4. group of countries under one ruler's control
Grade 7 :: Renaissance and Reformation by Mr_D134
The number of books available to people increased due to the development in the 1400s of
  1. the modern novel
  2. epic poetry
  3. the printing press
  4. writing paper
Grade 7 :: Roman Empire by christinn2000
Who was the first Roman emperor?
  1. Tarquin the Proud
  2. Marcus Aurelius
  3. Augustus
  4. Hadrian
Grade 7 :: French Revolution by judy483
The Bastille
  1. Louis XVI's castle
  2. French prison
  3. Court in Paris
  4. Where Robespierre lived
Grade 7 :: Golden Age by Daniel132
A group of traveling merchants and animals.
  1. Bedouins
  2. caravan
  3. Hajj
  4. Caliph
Grade 7 :: Roman Empire by treemandude1
Rome declined for many reasons, the biggest being,
  1. an empire to big to control effictively
  2. no good way to transfer power to a new emperor
  3. economic problems like heavy taxes, poverty, and reduced trade
  4. all of the above
Grade 7 :: French Revolution by judy483
Last Queen of France
  1. Marie Antoinette
  2. Isabella
  3. Joan of Arc
  4. Cleopatra
Grade 7 :: French Revolution by judy483
Why did Louis XVI help finance the American Revolution?
  1. He wanted to lessen Britain's power
  2. He wanted to own America
  3. He wanted furs and gold from America
  4. To get Spain out of America
Grade 7 :: French Revolution by judy483
Calling this together weakened the King and hadn't been done since 1614
  1. French Revolution
  2. Estates General
  3. Aristocracy
  4. First Estate
Grade 7 :: Absolutism by SLiscombe
Grade 7 :: World History by Mikemasloski
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