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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) World History Questions

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Grade 7 :: Roman Empire by missyland
The Eastern Roman Empire came to be known as                     
  1. East Anglia
  2. the Middle East
  3. the Byzantine Empire
  4. the Ottoman Empire
Grade 7 :: Exploration by lynn1277
Sailors used this to better determine their location at sea.
  1. carvel
  2. adventure
  3. magnetic compass
  4. encomiendo
Grade 7 :: Egypt by Susieg12
What was papyrus used for in Ancient Egypt?
  1. to cook with
  2. to make paper
  3. weapons
  4. to build with
Grade 7 :: Exploration by lynn1277
In 1497 Portuguese explorer                       began exploring the east African coast?
  1. Prince Henry
  2. Vasco Da Gama
  3. Christopher Columbus
  4. Astrolable
Grade 7 :: Modern China by Susieg12
Which country has the largest population in the world?
  1. Japan
  2. Egypt
  3. China
  4. India
Grade 7 :: French Revolution by ltolb
Which estate in France's Estate General held the sole responsibility of pay taxes?
  1. 1st Estate
  2. 2nd Estate
  3. 3rd Estate
Grade 7 :: India by Susieg12
The               river is sacred to Hindus.
  1. Ganges
  2. Nile
  3. Huang He
  4. Amazon
Grade 7 :: Egypt by Susieg12
Why did pharaohs stop building pyramids and start using the Valley of the Kings for their burials?
  1. Pyramids were too hard to build
  2. They ran out of land
  3. To keep their tombs hidden from tomb robbers
  4. The weather was better in the valley
Grade 7 :: Latin America and Caribbean by Qalam
Juan Nepomuceno Cortina was known in Mexico as the
  1. Ruler of the Rio Grande.
  2. Robin Hood of the Rio Grande.
  3. Red Hand of the Rio Grande.
  4. Rescuer of the Rio Grande.
Grade 7 :: Egypt by Susieg12
Who discovered King Tut's tomb in 1922?
  1. John Doe
  2. Bob Smith
  3. Glenn Rice
  4. Howard Carter
Grade 7 :: Latin America and Caribbean by ltolb
Society in Spanish America was divided amongst the following groups except....
  1. peninsulares
  2. creoles
  3. mestizos
  4. middle class
Grade 7 :: Other Asia by Lovinmuzic
The U.S. has had an ongoing interest in Southwest Asia for many years. There are several reasons for this interest but their are three main ones. They are:
  1. Oil, democracy; stopping terrorism
  2. democracy; diamonds; iphones
  3. Oil; Zionism; Holocaust victims
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