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Seventh Grade (Grade 7) World History Questions

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Grade 7 :: Renaissance and Reformation by crunk
Grade 7 :: European History by Mr_D134
What book is considered to be the first modern novel?
  1. The Illiad
  2. Hamlet
  3. Don Quixote
  4. Sense and Sensibility
Grade 7 :: Golden Age by lilcow
Where is the Arabian Peninsula?
  1. Northern Asia
  2. Near South China
  3. By the Persian Gulf and Red Sea
  4. None of the above
Grade 7 :: Modern Europe by Mr_D134
The cuisine of any European country is largely determined by its
  1. landforms and climate
  2. seaports and villages
  3. economy and railroads
  4. imports and exports
Grade 7 :: Renaissance and Reformation by Mr_D134
The number of books available to people increased due to the development in the 1400s of
  1. the modern novel
  2. epic poetry
  3. the printing press
  4. writing paper
Grade 7 :: Modern Europe by Mr_D134
What is Europe's fastest growing religion?
  1. Islam
  2. Judaism
  3. Christianity
  4. Hinduism
Grade 7 :: Modern Europe by Mr_D134
During which period did many artists begin working in an abstract style?
  1. mid-17th century
  2. late 18th century
  3. mid-19th century
  4. early 20th century
Grade 7 :: Modern Europe by Mr_D134
What was the effect of the two world wars on 20th-century literature?
  1. Writers reflected the sense that life was unpredictable.
  2. Writers criticized the traditional roles of husbands and wives.
  3. Writers explored the rights of the individual.
  4. Writers such as Goethe emphasized emotion and nature.
Grade 7 :: Modern Europe by Mr_D134
What did the Impressionist painters attempt to do?
  1. use light and color to capture a moment
  2. emphasize form and color over realism
  3. portray gods and goddesses with realistic human forms
  4. present religious subjects as two-dimensional figures
Grade 7 :: Modern Africa and Mid East by lilcow
What fact is NOT true about the Bedouins?
  1. Many were nomads
  2. They had herds of camels, sheep, and goats
  3. Sometimes there were raids
  4. They did not trade because they grew everything
Grade 7 :: Industrial Revolution by mjcarr0422
Great Britain was the home of the Industrial Revolution because
  1. It had a vast supply of coal
  2. It had a large population of workers
  3. It had good ports and ships
  4. All of the above
Grade 7 :: Absolutism by judy483
The King has full power to do whatever he wants
  1. Republic
  2. Absolute Monarchy
  3. Democracy
  4. Constitutional Monarchy
Grade 7 :: French Revolution by judy483
Last Queen of France
  1. Marie Antoinette
  2. Isabella
  3. Joan of Arc
  4. Cleopatra
Grade 7 :: French Revolution by judy483
The Bastille
  1. Louis XVI's castle
  2. French prison
  3. Court in Paris
  4. Where Robespierre lived
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