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First Grade (Grade 1) World History Questions

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Grade 1 Exploration
Where was Christopher Columbus born?
  1. in Posen
  2. in Italy
  3. in Chicago
  4. in America
Grade 1 Exploration
People sailed east to the Indies for?
  1. gold
  2. spices
  3. candy
  4. gold and spices
Grade 1 Exploration
Who agreed to send Columbus on his voyage to the Indies?
  1. King and Queen of Spain
  2. Kings of Portugal and France
  3. Queen of London
Grade 1 The Americas
What was the Aztec capital city, Tenochtitlán, built on?
  1. A mountain
  2. The ocean
  3. A rainforest
  4. An island in a lake
Grade 1 Latin America and Caribbean
What two languages are spoken in South America?
  1. English / French
  2. Hindu / Chinese
  3. Spanish / Portuguese
Grade 1 Exploration
Christopher Columbus ran what kind of a store with his brother in Portugal?
  1. cooking store
  2. map store
  3. clothes store
  4. party store
Grade 1 Mesopotamia
Grade 1 China
Marco Polo was                .
  1. Italian
  2. German
  3. English
  4. Russian
Grade 1 World History
Who was NOT one of the founding fathers?
  1. Benjamin Franklin
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Barack Obama
  4. George Washington
Grade 1 Exploration
Grade 1 Egypt
Where is Egypt?
  1. South America
  2. Africa
  3. Asia
  4. Europe
Grade 1 Exploration
Who did Columbus ask for ships to sail west and they both said no?
  1. king of spain
  2. king of Puerto Rico
  3. queens of Portugal and France
  4. Kings of Portugal and France
Grade 1 Latin America and Caribbean
Dominican food is similar to what two Caribbean countries?
  1. Cuba and Puerto Rico
  2. Mexico and Puerto Rico
  3. Chile and Cuba
  4. Portugal and Canada
  5. Venezuela and Spain
Grade 1 China
Marco Polo travelled with his                   .
  1. Brother and Sister
  2. Mother and Father
  3. Father and Uncle
  4. Wife and Children
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