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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) World History Questions

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Grade 4 :: World History by somedude
Which of the following did President Jefferson tell Lewis and Clark to do?
  1. Lead an expedition west
  2. Lead an expedition North
  3. Learn about the French
  4. Learn about the Spanish
Grade 4 :: Industrial Revolution by DellBell
Grade 4 :: Enlightenment by DellBell
Newton believed that the universe was                                               .
  1. like a machine that always worked the same way,
  2. a huge ,mysterious, magical riddle
  3. strange and unpredictable
  4. too difficult to study and explore
Grade 4 :: World History by somedude
What does it mean if someone class themselves a nationalist?
  1. They are devoted to becoming a citizen of America
  2. They are devoted and loyal to their country
  3. They are a devoted and loving father
  4. They will fight for their rights of representation
Grade 4 :: Absolutism by DellBell
What city did Peter capture from the Turks?
  1. Istanbul
  2. Moscow
  3. Azov
  4. Narva
Grade 4 :: World History by somedude
Why was the Louisiana Purchase a good deal for the United States?
  1. It cost too much money
  2. It reduced the size of the country
  3. It doubled the size of our country
  4. It cost a lot and we never got the land
Grade 4 :: Canada by couter
What animal is the official emblem of Canada?
  1. Loon
  2. Moose
  3. Caribou
  4. Beaver
  5. Bear
Grade 4 :: Latin America and Caribbean by mariaherrera
Cesar Chavez fought for his people by                .
  1. give them a job
  2. giving them food
  3. buying toilets
  4. forming a union
Grade 4 :: Industrial Revolution by DellBell
What did the "Acts of Enclosure" do?
  1. They required farmers to keep their animals in pens.
  2. They divided the common fields up into smaller private fields.
  3. They forced the farmers to divide their large farms into smaller ones.
  4. They required farmers to keep their animals in the village common areas.
Grade 4 :: Exploration by Pastel
Grade 4 :: India by DellBell
Grade 4 :: India by DellBell
What was the Black Hole of Calcutta?
  1. an area of the city burned by the English
  2. a prison where the English kept Indian prisoners
  3. a small dungeon where many English prisoners suffocated
  4. a weapon used by the Siraj against the English
Grade 4 :: Exploration by Ureesha
This explorers purpose was to discover the Northwest Passage to Asia.
  1. Christopher Columbus
  2. Jacques Cartier
  3. John Cabot
  4. Henry Hudson
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