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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) US History Questions

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Grade 4 :: Civil War by JordynBradford12
Who started the Civil War?
  1. Afghanistan and Iraq
  2. Florida and Miami
  3. South Carolina and Alabama
  4. South Carolina and Fort Sumter
Grade 4 :: Pre-Colonial Period by Joyful1
The first English settlement in America was called what?
  1. Johnstown
  2. Jamestown
  3. Jimtown
  4. Janetown
Grade 4 :: Civil War by kheugatter
Grade 4 :: American Revolution by mistylee73

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Who is known for the famous "midnight ride"?
  1. Benjamin Franklin
  2. Paul Revere
  3. Samuel Adams
  4. King George III
Grade 4 :: Colonial Period by DellBell
Grade 4 :: The Frontier by flyerand4
Lewis and Clark were sent to explore the new land called the...
  1. Mississippi Territory
  2. Alabama Territory
  3. George Territory
  4. Louisiana Territory
Grade 4 :: Pre-Colonial Period by Joyful1
Grade 4 :: Colonial Period by DellBell
The French and Indian War is also called                              .
  1. The War of the Grand Alliance
  2. The War of Jenkins' Ear
  3. The Seven Years' War
  4. The War of Spanish Succession
Grade 4 :: Reconstruction by Severud
Mark all that is true about sharecropping.
  1. Former slaves were unable to afford land of their own, so they rented pieces of former plantation owners' land.
  2. It was a good way for former slaves to get rich quick.
  3. Plantation owners treated the former slaves very well.
  4. The workers paid rent for the land by giving the owners part of their crops.
  5. The former slaves could own the land after they worked for a year.
  6. If the workers had a bad harvest, they went into debt.
Grade 4 :: Industrialization by bsparacio
What invention is attributed to Alexander Graham Bell?
  1. light bulb
  2. electricity
  3. television
  4. telephone
Grade 4 :: American Revolution by lindseyglazier
The                             started the American Revolution.
  1. Capture of Fort Ticonderoga
  2. Declaration of Independence
  3. Stamp Act
  4. Shot heard around the world
Grade 4 :: Pre-Colonial Period by Joyful1
The settlement was built in the middle of a huge American Indian Empire. An empire is what?
  1. a large holding of crops for Indians to use in cooking
  2. the house that the chief indian lived in
  3. a large holding of land and power
  4. a larger area filled with gold and riches
Grade 4 :: Pre-Colonial Period by Joyful1
The colonists on Roanoke disappeared and were never found despite search efforts. What may have happened to them?
  1. Indians may have kidnapped them
  2. They moved to another island
  3. They were taken to outer space by aliens
  4. They dug their way to China
Grade 4 :: Civil War by bsparacio
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