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Fourth Grade (Grade 4) Geography Questions

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Grade 4 :: Map Components by Pastel
The first thing you should do when looking at map is                      ?
  1. create a legend
  2. read the title
  3. look at the map key
  4. look at the map scale
Grade 4 :: Geography by Losiea
What are the capitals of the following three COUNTRIES?
Japan, China, and Germany
  1. Beijing, Babakan, Berlin
  2. Toto, Tota, Tokyo
  3. Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin
Grade 4 :: Themes of Geography
Latitude and longitude are used to...
  1. locate rivers and lakes
  2. understand map symbols
  3. help find specific locations
Grade 4 :: Geography by Losiea
What is the capital of the following three states in this order.
Kansas, Nebraska, and Indiana
  1. Lincoln, Luscious, and School
  2. Topeka, Tiki, Lincoln
  3. Topeka, Lincoln, Indianapolis
Grade 4 :: Themes of Geography by dhicks2
What is an exact location on Earth's surface?
  1. meridian
  2. parallels
  3. absolute location
  4. exact location
Grade 4 :: European Geography
The Prime Meridian, the most important longitude line, is running through...
  1. London, England
  2. Greenwich, England
  3. New York, USA
Grade 4 :: Culture by kheugatter
Grade 4 :: US Geography by LKSOUTH
Which city listed below is the capital of Nevada?
  1. Phoenix
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. Seattle
  4. Carson City
Grade 4 :: Culture by Egraeber
The way of life of a group of people is called:
  1. recreation
  2. culture
  3. architecture
  4. architect
  5. adobe
Grade 4 :: Asian Geography by stevenshomeschool
The tallest mountain in the world is located in which mountain range and on which continent?
  1. the Alps in Europe
  2. the Andes in Europe
  3. the Himalayas in Asia
  4. the Andes in Asia
Grade 4 :: African Geography by stevenshomeschool
Why is the Nile River so important to Egypt?
  1. It separates two warring countries.
  2. It separates the Atlas Mountains.
  3. Most of Egypt is a desert.
  4. Most of Egypt is mountainous.
Grade 4 :: African Geography by stevenshomeschool
Where do most people live in Egypt?
  1. near the Nile River
  2. near the Amazon River
  3. near the Mediterranean Sea
  4. near the Red Sea
Grade 4 :: Geography by infamousfemi
Grade 4 :: US Geography by Egraeber
Some of Arizona's recreational places consist of:
  1. Visiting the Grand Canyon
  2. Visiting National Parks
  3. Going to Arizona's sporting events
  4. Sky-diving
  5. A,B, and C are all correct
Grade 4 :: Geography by livethedude
What is a person who studies the remains of past cultures?
  1. food surplus
  2. anthropologist
  3. scientist
  4. archaeologist
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