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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) World History Questions

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Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
Grade 6 :: Greece by beacon902
What is a myth?
  1. a play told in music and dance in Ancient Greece
  2. a long poem that tells a story about an adventure
  3. a story from long ago that explains the beginning of the world
  4. a musical story performed to please the gods
Grade 6 :: Africa and Middle East by mrf157
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by Lirica
The Sumerians believes that gods descended to the earth using the ziggurat as a ladder.
Based on this sentence, which of the following is true?
  1. The Sumerians were monotheistic.
  2. The Sumerians were polytheistic
  3. The Sumerians were agnostic
  4. The Sumerians were ditheistic
Grade 6 :: Ancient History by Tunisia
Which continents produces the first civilizations, first towns and first new ideas>
  1. Europe and Antarctica
  2. South America and North America
  3. Africa and Asia
  4. Europe and Russia
Grade 6 :: Egypt by Qalam
Grade 6 :: Ancient History by Tunisia
Many archaeological discoveries are mostly made by:
  1. digging in the ground at sites where ancient people lived
  2. uncovering fossils of dinosaurs
  3. researching museums
  4. traveling to places far in the past
Grade 6 :: Egypt by rneiuber
When the Ancient Egyptians no longer built pyramids because of looting, they buried the kings in the...
  1. Valley of the Dead
  2. Valley of the Sphinx
  3. Valley of the Kings
  4. Valley of the Pharaohs
Grade 6 :: Egypt by rneiuber
In which Kingdom were most of the Pyramids built?
  1. Old Kingdom
  2. Middle Kingdom
  3. New Kingdom
  4. None of the Above
Grade 6 :: WWII by Qalam
World War II came to an end when                                                     
  1. the United States captured Berlin.
  2. the Allies defeated Italy.
  3. the Allies defeated Germany.
  4. the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.
Grade 6 :: WWII by Qalam
The leader responsible for the Holocaust was                
  1. Adolf Hitler.
  2. Karl Marx.
  3. Joseph Stalin.
  4. Mussolini.
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