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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) World History Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 6 World History questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 6 Ancient History
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Grade 6 Absolutism
In an Absolute Monarchy, power is in the hands of
  1. the people
  2. a king or queen
  3. the president
  4. congress
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
What does Mesopotamia mean?
  1. divided nation
  2. land between two mountains
  3. land between the rivers
  4. land of ancient people
Grade 6 World History
A Monarchy and Dictatorship are different in that:
  1. Monarchy is ruled by someone who forces their way to power and Dictators come to power because their parent's were in power.
  2. Monarchy has a constitution and Dictatorships do not have a constitution.
  3. Monarchs are appointed by a higher power and Dictators are appointed through voting.
  4. Monarchy is ruled by a king or queen and Dictators take power by force.
Grade 6 Greece
Government in which power lies in the hand of just a few people is a
  1. constitution
  2. mercantilism
  3. oligarchy
  4. democracy
Grade 6 Roman Empire
What was the language of ancient Rome?
  1. Macedonian
  2. Roman
  3. Latin
  4. Finnish
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
What was the first written code of laws?
  1. The Laws of Mesopotamia
  2. The Code of Mesopotamia
  3. The Laws of Cuneiform
  4. Hammurabi's Code
Grade 6 World History
A government controlled by one person.
  1. Absolute Monarchy
  2. Dictatorship
  3. Democracy
Grade 6 Ancient History
Which continents produced the first civilizations, first towns and first new ideas?
  1. Europe and Antarctica
  2. South America and North America
  3. Africa and Asia
  4. Europe and Russia
Grade 6 Dynastic China
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
Who were the rivals of the ancient Sumerians?
  1. The ancient Greeks
  2. The ancient Babylonians
  3. The ancient Romans
  4. The ancient Egyptians
Grade 6 Greece
Government in which people rule themselves
  1. democracy
  2. oligarchy
  3. suffragettes
  4. protestants
Grade 6 Greece
What two city-states joined forces in 480 BC when the Persian King Xerxes decided to attack?
  1. Athens and Corinth
  2. Sparta and Corinth
  3. Athens and Sparta
  4. Corinth and Sparta
Grade 6 Ancient History
Grade 6 Cold War
The Cold War was:
  1. an actual war which was fought on Russian (U.S.S.R.) soil.
  2. an actual war which was fought on United States soil.
  3. a term used to describe the tension between Russia (U.S.S.R.) and the United States.
  4. a term used to describe the struggle between the Russian farmers and the cold weather.
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