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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) World History Questions

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Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by Mhebda
The development of agriculture meant that
  1. early people had to become nomads.
  2. there was no longer a need for water.
  3. crops could be grown in the tundra.
  4. people had a reliable food source.
Grade 6 :: Roman Empire by kerryod
Grade 6 :: Ancient History by xwooka
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by Andrewteachhistory
What important structure did Pericles convince the Assembly to build?
  1. the Long Walls
  2. the Acropolis
  3. the Theater of Dionysus
  4. The Collosium
Grade 6 :: Latin America and Caribbean by alowery08
What are three powerful Native American Empires of South and Central America?
  1. Hohokam, Hopi, and Apache
  2. Maya, Aztec, and Inca
  3. Apache, Navajo, and Inca
  4. Creek, Chickasaw, and Cherokee
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by richlouost
What areas of Babylonian life did the law of Hammurabi deal with?
  1. Business transactions such as wages and the sale of slaves
  2. Punishments for criminal behavior such as stealing and murder
  3. Marriage and divorce
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by richlouost
What were the Assyrians most known for?
  1. Their peaceful rule of the lands they conquered
  2. Their art and painting
  3. Their fearsome army and warriors
  4. Their poetry
  5. Inventing the first form of writing
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by richlouost
How was the number 60 important to the Sumerians?
  1. It was the base number for their mathematics and numbering system
  2. It was the number of gods they worshiped
  3. They had 60 letters in their alphabet
  4. They considered the number 60 unlucky and never used it
  5. It stood for the number of major cities in the area
Grade 6 :: Ancient History by kaylabartrem
What is an advanced culture with cities and a system of writing?
  1. cultural landscape
  2. civilization
  3. culture
  4. institution
Grade 6 :: Greece by beacon902
What is a myth?
  1. a play told in music and dance in Ancient Greece
  2. a long poem that tells a story about an adventure
  3. a story from long ago that explains the beginning of the world
  4. a musical story performed to please the gods
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by richlouost
Why did the Sumerians think that the Akkadian Empire collapsed?
  1. Because they could not fight well
  2. Because of poor leadership
  3. Because they failed to offer the right sacrifices to the gods
  4. Because of a curse placed on them when they destroyed the temple at Nippur
  5. Because they spoke a different language
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by richlouost
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by richlouost
What is another name for the First Persian Empire?
  1. The Achaemenid Empire
  2. The Macedonian Empire
  3. The Assyrian Empire
  4. The Babylonian Empire
  5. The Akkadian Empire
Grade 6 :: Mesopotamia by richlouost
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