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Sixth Grade (Grade 6) World History Questions

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Grade 6 World History
A Monarchy and Dictatorship are different in that:
  1. Monarchy is ruled by someone who forces their way to power and Dictators come to power because their parent's were in power.
  2. Monarchy has a constitution and Dictatorships do not have a constitution.
  3. Monarchs are appointed by a higher power and Dictators are appointed through voting.
  4. Monarchy is ruled by a king or queen and Dictators take power by force.
Grade 6 Dynastic China
Grade 6 Ancient History
Which continents produced the first civilizations, first towns and first new ideas?
  1. Europe and Antarctica
  2. South America and North America
  3. Africa and Asia
  4. Europe and Russia
Grade 6 Greece
What two city-states joined forces in 480 BC when the Persian King Xerxes decided to attack?
  1. Athens and Corinth
  2. Sparta and Corinth
  3. Athens and Sparta
  4. Corinth and Sparta
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
The system of levees and canals used to divert water to crops is called __.
  1. Irrigation
  2. Agriculture
  3. specialization
  4. ziggurats
Grade 6 Ancient History
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Grade 6 Ancient History
Grade 6 Roman Empire
What was the Pax Romana?
  1. Roman Peace
  2. War with greece
  3. Land Entitlement
  4. Crowning the Roman king
Grade 6 Roman Empire
Grade 6 Egypt
Which of the following is NOT an ancient Egyptian period?
  1. Old Kingdom
  2. New Kingdom
  3. Ancient Kingdom
  4. Middle Kingdom
Grade 6 Egypt
Grade 6 Egypt
The Egyptian writing system that uses thousands of picture symbols
  1. alphabet
  2. cuneiform
  3. hieroglyphics
  4. pictograph
Grade 6 Mesopotamia
The development of agriculture meant that
  1. early people had to become nomads.
  2. there was no longer a need for water.
  3. crops could be grown in the tundra.
  4. people had a reliable food source.
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