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None Study Skills and Strategies Questions

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None Study Skills and Strategies
When students are setting up a space for study it is important that the area:
  1. has proper temperature
  2. has proper lighting
  3. includes all necessary supplies and resources
  4. all of the above
None Study Skills and Strategies
Students who learn best through verbal presentations, reading writing, discussions, conducting interviews, and listening to lectures have a strong:
  1. bodily/kinesthetic intelligence
  2. intrapersonal intelligene
  3. visual/spatial intelligence
  4. verbal/linguistic intelligence
None Study Skills and Strategies
None Study Skills and Strategies
What does the basic system, SQ3R stand for?
  1. State, question, read, recite, review
  2. State, quote, 3 (guesses/opinions) review
  3. Survey, question, read, recite, review
  4. Survey, question, read, review, relax
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