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College Writing Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these College Writing questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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College Journalism
What does it mean to be objective in a news story?
  1. Write with a clear purpose
  2. Present all sides and avoid expressing your own opinion
  3. Finish the story before it gets boring
  4. Use as many quotes from sources as possible
College Journalism
What is the best definition of a fact?
  1. A provable statement
  2. Anything that appears in a news story
  3. The results of a poll
  4. A view shared by many people
College Journalism
What does a copy editor do in a typical newsroom?
  1. Checks stories for consistency, grammar and style
  2. Makes archive copies of stories from yesterday's print edition
  3. Uploads a digital copy of the newspaper to the web
  4. Manages newspaper subscriptions
College Journalism
What is a lead?
  1. The senior reporter at a newspaper
  2. The opening paragraph of a news story
  3. The newspaper with the largest audience
  4. The main character in a news story
College Journalism
What does Op-Ed stand for?
  1. Opposite education
  2. Opportunity to edit
  3. Opinion editorial
  4. Operational edict
College Journalism
What is soft news?
  1. Any news story that is under 200 words
  2. A web publishing platform
  3. Any news story accessible on a mobile device
  4. A light news story intended to entertain
College Journalism
What is hard news?
  1. A breaking news story about a serious event
  2. A story that is difficult to understand
  3. Any form of printed media
  4. The idea that many newspapers are facing financial problems
College Journalism
Who oversees day-to-day operations in a typical print newsroom?
  1. Digital Editor
  2. Line Editor
  3. Managing Editor
  4. Reporter
College Conducting Research
When must you cite your source?
  1. When using a full or partial quote
  2. When summarizing or paraphrasing
  3. When borrowing facts that are not common knowledge
  4. All of the above
College Writing Essays
When is a paragraph considered unified?
  1. when each sentence has at least some common thread to the one next to it
  2. when each sentence relates directly to the main idea of the paragraph
  3. when all sentences are grammatically correct
  4. when each sentence says essential the same thing, but rephrased in different ways to address the needs of a diverse audience
College Conducting Research
College Writing Essays
A well developed paragraph will always contain:
  1. a high-level diction
  2. necessary support
  3. sufficient transitions
  4. impeccable grammar
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