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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Classic Literature Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 12 Classic Literature questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 12 Beowulf
Beowulf rules over the Keats as king for
  1. 10 years.
  2. 20 years.
  3. 40 years.
  4. 50 years.
Grade 12 Beowulf
The history of English is divided into three categories. What are they?
  1. Old English, Middle English, Modern English
  2. Ancient English, Proto-Germanic, Regular English
  3. French, Latin, Greek
  4. Contemporary English, Shakespearean English, Chaucerian English
Grade 12 A Christmas Carol
Grade 12 Odyssey
What happens on Odysseus's first attempt?
  1. He drops the arrow.
  2. The arrow breaks.
  3. He succeeds in firing the arrow through all axes.
  4. The arrow only goes through 5 axes.
Grade 12 The Canterbury Tales
Why were the pilgrims traveling to Canterbury?
  1. to celebrate Thanksgiving
  2. to search for the Squire's brother
  3. to pay their respects to a Christian martyr
  4. to get revenge for the Knight
Grade 12 Beowulf
Which of the following is an example of a kenning to describe Beowulf?
  1. Hell-forged hands
  2. The Almighty's Enemy
  3. That Mighty Protector of Men
  4. The mighty water witch
Grade 12 The Canterbury Tales
In what season did the pilgrims travel to Canterbury?
  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Winter
  4. Fall
  5. Unknown
Grade 12 Beowulf
Grade 12 Beowulf
Which of the following is an example of a kenning used to describe Grendel?
  1. The Almighty
  2. Healfdane's Son
  3. The Mighty Protector of Men
  4. Hell's Captive
Grade 12 Odyssey
What happens when Telemachus attempts the challenge?
  1. He succeeds and marries his mom.
  2. The bow is stolen out of his hands.
  3. He cannot string the bow.
  4. He gives up because Penelope starts to cry.
Grade 12 Odyssey
Why is Penelope's challenge impossible?
  1. The bow is unstringable because a string is broken.
  2. The arrows are missing.
  3. Penelope believes that only Odysseus can string the bow.
  4. The bow is too old.
Grade 12 The Canterbury Tales
In The Wife of Bath's Tale, the old woman helps the Knight by doing what?
  1. Helping him figure out a way to escape the town
  2. Helping him figure out an answer to the riddle
  3. Helping him dance with 24 ladies at once
  4. Helping him cross the troll bridge
Grade 12 The Canterbury Tales
In The Wife of Bath's Tale, the Knight gets himself into trouble in the beginning of the tale by...
  1. Swearing at his mother
  2. Raping a woman
  3. Killing the King
  4. Marrying The Wife of Bath
Grade 12 Odyssey
Where is the scar on Odysseus's body?
  1. On his arm
  2. On his forehead
  3. On his foot
  4. On his knee
Grade 12 The Canterbury Tales
Grade 12 Odyssey
What is Penelope's reaction when she reaches for the bow?
  1. She starts laughing.
  2. She cries tears of happiness.
  3. She cries tears of sorrow.
  4. She realizes it needs cleaned.
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