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Twelfth Grade (Grade 12) Technology Questions

You can create printable tests and worksheets from these Grade 12 Technology questions! Select one or more questions using the checkboxes above each question. Then click the add selected questions to a test button before moving to another page.

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Grade 12 Word Processing
What are COLUMNS?
  1. Vertical blocks of text
  2. A spreadsheet containing three pages or worksheets
  3. The rectangles formed on a spreadsheet
  4. Horizontal blocks of text
Grade 12 Word Processing
Grade 12 Word Processing
What are CELLS?
  1. The rectangles formed when rows and columns intersect
  2. Data that has been placed in a destination application
  3. Horizontal lines in which information and text can be typed
  4. Links to information outside of the document
Grade 12 Word Processing
What are ROWS?
  1. Vertical blocks of text
  2. Horizontal lines of information
  3. Data that has been placed in an application
  4. The collection of columns on a spreadsheet
Grade 12 Business Technology
Which of the following items is NOT an example of application software?
  1. Spreadsheet
  2. Database
  3. Operating sytem
  4. Word Processer
Grade 12 PC Basics
  1. the selected text on the slide is previewed using that bullet character or design that the mouse is hovering over
  2. Allows more or less room between lines of a paragraph and also between paragraphs
  3. Refers to the appearance of text or objects on a slide
  4. The slide master for a particular slide layout
Grade 12 Business Technology
Which of the following types of application software combines the basic features of several applications?
  1. stand-alone program
  2. intergrated software
  3. office suite
  4. personal information manager (PIM) program
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What is Pattern Recognition used for?
  1. Program that Identifies what is being seen.
  2. Reads text then says it back to you (used for the blind)
  3. Listens to what is being said and then is being written.
  4. Reading is strange, a Gestalt process that transforms words into images.
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What is intelligence?
  1. intuition
  2. ability to reason
  3. ability to learn
  4. high mental capacity
  5. all of the above
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
Speech recognition technique is...
  1. a technique for computer, converting into text files from voice input
  2. a technique for a computer, reading the text out loud
  3. technique to save voices on mp3 in hard disk
  4. Solve logic problems in math
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
A set of rules for constructing sentences is..
  1. automatic translation
  2. machine learning
  3. semantics
  4. syntax
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
which of the following is correct about a robot?
  1. Robots perform specific manual tasks.
  2. Robots are not computers.
  3. Robots performs only mental tasks.
  4. A robot does not require peripherals.
  5. None of the above
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What is a Turing test?
  1. a way to test how intelligent the machine is
  2. a way to test how well can a person see with their naked eye
  3. a way to test how fast does a person's hair grow
  4. a way to test how fast can a person calculates mathematical problem
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
Which of the following technique is part of the artificial intelligence (AI)?
  1. Able to burn a movie into DVD
  2. Able to save a picture in jpg format in hard disk
  3. Able to play mp3 files stored in hard disk
  4. Able to understand the humans' languages
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
What involves a computer and two people? (one who interrogates)
  1. machine learning
  2. natural language
  3. Turing Test
  4. Operating game
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
The identification of spoken words and sentences by computer, making it possible for voice input to be converted into text files is..
  1. neural networks
  2. sensors
  3. speech recognition
  4. speaker independence
  5. optical character recognition
Grade 12 Artificial Intelligence
One of the examples of machine learning is...
  1. a machine, learn how to do a good surgery from watching other doctor's surgery operation
  2. changing the screen resolution of the screen
  3. Installing new operating system on a computer
  4. change the computer's CPU, faster processor
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